2023.1 memory leaks on M1 Mac


Is anyone else have massive memory leaks on their M1 Mac Laptops using C4D 2023.1?

I seem to spend a couple of hours a day wrangling crashes & reboots. The memory goes up to 130GB and then locks the whole system requiring a hard restart.

Anyone or just me?



What OS you on?

In my travels round my usual forums I’m seeing issues with Ventura on a range of applications.

When I used MacOS I never updated until the new version hit .5. I think that still looks like a good thing to do.


What render engine are you using?


I’m running OS 12.6.1

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021)
Apple M1 Max


I have not had the memory issues you describe but I was having very many issues that seemed to be related to how C4D was interacting with the M1 Ultra GPU. Since updating to OS 13 many of those issues have not yet resurfaced.

While I usually agree with not updating OS right away, I’m not sure 12.6 was as M1 optimized as 13.


Running Cinema 4D 25.120 on M1 OS 12.6 here.
Memory leaks occure when doing a “team render” on the team machine, causing hard reboots.

Not sure how r25 handles under Mac Os 13. So I’m a bit afraid to upgrade as I’m not ready yet to leave c4d behind, but maxon isn’t getting a penny from me anymore.