2019 working Solution for pFlow "spliner"


Hi everyone, I know there is some commercial script(s) over there, but could it be a free script or mcg that works inside max 2019?
Sadly, all previous solutions form particle-to-spline, spline fibers, etc don’t work anymore it seems.

Thank you all.


no…can’t be stuffed checking if it works in 2019…



Thank you for your answer, I’ll try this! :slight_smile:
However, I’m searching for PFlow spliner, which could also have its growth animated.

Thank you again.


In theory that should be possible as that is what the CFD MCG tools do. It may require some retooling, but logically it should be possible.

Or export the particles as CFD and try using those tools.

I would look through the help documentation here and see if there is anything you can use.



Thank you eric for the info :), I didn’t remember these functions.
May I ask how to export cfd from plfow?


PF Spliner still works. I started digging into it again a few years ago to fix/change some things but haven’t touched it since. I just tried the latest build I have in 2019 and for the most part still functions. It will still produce some weird kinks if your particles change direction to quickly.

Anyway, no support, and it is what it is your welcome to mess with it (no promises how long the link will work)


Thank you john for an answer directly from the maker of it! :slight_smile:
I should see.
And thank you everybody once again for your help.


Is this solved or do you just need a trails from particles : should be easy enough with MCG to do…did a simple spline from particles a while ago.


Yes, that’s actually what I needed, with the possibility to taper in and out the spline for smooth fade in/out.
But, can I ask you the question about your other bitmap to voxel mcg, is it available somewhere? It seems useful.