2012 Service Pack 2 is out


Not that i dont believe what polygon sais (i do), but can anyone else confirm that $100late fee? That would be nice if it really is part of their business plan.



I would contact your reseller (or subscription help) to find out what the options and deadlines are. Policies and pricing do change over time, so there is no guarantee what polygun qualified for is still in place or the same cost.



If what I said isnt true now please post about it when you find out. I skipped renewing this year so it’d be nice to know if they still allow the late renewals just in case


I bet you are speaking from the 1 yr grace period after the subscription ran out. You are (were ? )able to pick it up again within a year after it has ran out by paying a “late fee” of about €100 ( or $ ). But after that , i guess no chance. Would be happy if proven wrong ( including evidence shown :wink: )


Can anyone further elaborate on what the issue is? It’s kind of hard to search for information when all I know is a “Multi/Sub ‘problem’”…

I’m wondering if this isn’t what I ran into very recently with a rather large scene.

With it being a hassle to have my IT guy reinstall 2011 again for me, I can’t go back to see if a previous version will fix my issue.



Just a link to a current thread will do.


Don’t ask me to describe the problem. I do know that there is a solution that we’re testing. We’ve tentatively assigned it as a 2012 Hot Fix with no delivery date. We’re juggling multiple priorities right now, it is one of our busiest times of the year for development. We can’t drop the other stuff we’re doing as it is also mission critical.


Thanks for the response Ken, but I wasn’t asking you really anyways. I assumed one of the users who mentioned that they are experiencing the issue or have had discussions about it would respond.

I’ve looked back through this thread and, unless I missed it, haven’t seen anything regarding the Multi/Sub Object Mat problem before the last few pages, and none of those posts really gave any detail.

Like I said, I don’t know where to start looking when the only information I have is “Multi/Sub Object Problem”. shrug


From what I have read, it’s an issue of how long it takes to open a file that uses a huge MSO material. Also the time it takes to start a render. But I haven’t experienced it firsthand (not using 2012 unless I have to), so maybe I’m wrong about that.


Not opening the file, but the “translation/scene prep” for rendering.



Not sure about that, but is the problem only happening when rendering with Mental Ray ?


As said above, the translation/scene prep" time before mentalray start to render is the problem.
The translation time escalates with big scenes.

The problem at work: We have a Multisub material with 100’IDs at work and we also have large scenes with alot of mesh in it. The problem happens with SP2 or Subscription Advantage Pack installed and not with SP1. (At the moment we are on SP1 and waiting for a hotfix :slight_smile:


I’d also like to know if it applies to all renderers or mray only…


Thanks for the responses everyone!

That is definitely what my problem was the other day - long translation time - so now at least I know it wasn’t something I did wrong. :hmm:


Yep thats what it was. I just confirmed it through my reseller


No update on this, after a half year?


It seems to be fixed in max 2013 but afaik there was/is no info available on a fix for max 2012.


Money, money, money - OUR money…

Why fix something for free, when you can sell it as Max 2013?


Ken stated somewhere (i think in the 2013 announcement thread), that there is an update in the works for 2012. No release date or so given, nor if this specific bug will be fixed or not …

can’t find the info right now, so maybe i was just dreaming and my memory is playing tricks on me


You mean #136: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7219503&postcount=136 ?

I am wondering that AD need so many times to fix a problem that was introduced in a service pack… Does they have so little man power with the how-to to fix a bug?