2012 Service Pack 2 is out



  Horizontal & Vertical constraints in the Curve Editor now work 
  Using Undo to disconnect a parameter-wiring wire would cause 
a program error. This has been fixed 
  Using soft selection in the Curve Editor no longer causes a 
program error. 
  In multiple cases, incorrect values were being set in the 
Reaction Manager. This has been fixed. 


  Service Pack 1 introduced an issue with IK/FK and Num IK  Bone 
parameters causing motion to be incorrect. This has been fixed. 
  Moving bones no longer distorts the character rig. 
  Twist segments added to the Crab preset could cause a program 
error when opening the Motion Layer. This has been fixed. 
  Adding a leg to a non-pelvis hub now works correctly and no 
longer moves the leg to another position. 
  Multiple issues with twist bones have been fixed. 
  Adding bones no longer affects the rest of the hierarchy. 
  Some users reported a program error when toggling animation 
mode. This has been fixed. 
  Shift-cloning CAT rig elements could cause a program error. This 
has been fixed. 
  Resetting the program no longer leaves CAT foot platforms in 
the new scene after using the CAT motion layer path node. 
  Using the ‘Add extra controller’  button on CAT objects now 
works correctly. 
  Right-click to cancel a CAT base human now correctly cancels 
the creation. 
  ‘Manipulation causes stretching’ now transforms and animates 
  The femur bone in the Horse preset rig now transforms 
  The Horse preset rig skull would deform incorrectly when 
checking the Keyframed & Procedural checkboxes in Spine 
Control. This has been fixed. 
  The Twist Bones Segment field in the Marma Blue Jeans preset 
rig now works correctly. 
  Setting Num IK Bone to zero in the hand no longer causes 
incorrect animation. 
  In some cases, bone shapes would change when translated. This 
has been fixed. 
  Selecting options in the CATParent CATrig Parameters rollout 
before creating  a CATParent no longer causes a program error.
  The ‘Auto Map’ button in Capture Animation no longer causes a 
program error. 
  The Human preset rig leg would disappear when translating the 
foot platform and ankle sub-objects. This has been fixed 

Compound Objects  

  ProCutter via MAXScript would give unpredictable results or 
program errors. This has been fixed. 
Customer Error Report 
  Many customers reported a program error related to multi-threading. 
This has been fixed. 

FBX & FBX File Link  

  Files now load correctly when using the Combine By Category, 
Combine By Family, and Combine As On Object options. 
  New geometry now uses the current material definition when 
Preserve Material Definition is enabled. 
  Daylight systems in the scene no longer get removed when 
using the FBX File Link to reload a scene that has the Daylight 
System option Disabled in the reload options. 
  Revit FBX files with missing maps on Revit export no longer 
import with incorrect map paths. 


  A common program error users were encountering with the iray 
renderer has been identified and fixed. This was caused by GPU 
rendering being enabled when no GPUs were available. 
  Fixed support for ”no diffuse bump”. The mia_material’s ”no 
diffuse bump” option, along with both ”standard” and ”overall” 
bump maps are now respected. 
  Fixed glossy refractions using a new glossy refraction lobe that 
loses less energy than the mia_material’s. 
  Fixed an issue with translucent surfaces incorrectly 
calculating light samples on the backside of a surface, resulting 
in improved render times for translucent surfaces. 
  Fixed index of refraction behavior with nested geometry 
  The mr (mental ray) Sky Portal object now more correctly 
”gathers” existing sky lighting in interior scenes, resulting in 
improved render times. 
  Large resolution images can now be rendered where the GPU 
previously failed due to insufficient memory. The iray renderer 
automatically enables this whenever the frame buffer is too 
large to fit on the GPU. 
  GPU memory overrun was fixed for large-resolution imagery in 
exchange for a small performance loss. 


  Fixed rollout state changing to Advance. 
  Fixed order of rollout menus. 
  Very small objects used in Composite mesh generation no 
longer cause a program error. 
  Changing the high-velocity collision minimum speed value now  works correctly. 
  The Sleep setting in the World tab no longer causes a MaxScript 
  An nvpx.ExportPhysXScene error dialog has been updated to be 
easier to understand. 
  Bake now works when the scene contains Bipeds. 
  Having the Dynamics Explorer or Scene Explorer open no longer 
negatively affects previewing the simulation. 
  Remove Skeleton now removes all Kinematic Skeletons, not just 
the first one selected. 
  Calculate At Current Frame now works correctly. 
  The Rigid Body modifier UI no longer redraws multiple times 
when opening. 
  The inflation value in the Multi-Editor now supports negative 
values for convex mesh types. 
  Selecting and moving MassFX constraints  now support the 
type-in transform. 
  Using a Plane with box mesh type now simulates with the 
correct collision mesh shape. 
  You can now Undo the Convert To Custom Mesh function. 
  Rigid body collisions now behave correctly with back facing 
  Undo now works after grouping bones in a kinematic skeleton. 
  The MassFX SDK now correctly supports contact reports. 
  Creation of a new mesh in MassFX rigid body can now be 

Compact Material Editor  

  Double-clicking to add a material from the standard material 
library now correctly copies the material name as well.

Nitrous viewports 

   The Align tool now works correctly with scaled groups. 
  When using ProBoolean and ProCutter, the operands now 
display correctly. 
  XRef objects now display textures in viewports. 
  The Autodesk library material ‘Andiroba’ no longer causes a 
program error. 
  Dummy objects now display correctly in Nitrous viewports. 
  Fixed a case that would cause a program error when opening a 
.max file. 
  When using File Link, FBX files from Revit via Combine By 
Material geometry would appear transparent when using ‘Show 
Realistic Material With Maps’. Such files now display correctly.

  Directional lights were not casting the correct shadows when 
set to ‘Adv Ray Traced’ shadows. This has been fixed. 

  A program error could occur when you pressed Tab or Space Bar 
while using the Push/Pull paint options. This has been fixed. 

Samples Content  

  The volumeSelToVcolors.max file would cause a program error when you opened it. 
This has been fixed.

Send To  

  Send To from Mudbox now loads animation in 3ds Max Design 
  Send To to Softimage XSI now behaves correctly when no 
objects are selected. 

Unwrap UVW  

  The Stitch tool custom button now uses the settings from the 
Stitch dialog. 
  Filtered selections now display correctly. 


  Zoom Extents now works correctly with helper objects. 
  Autodesk Materials now display transparency correctly. 
  Realistic materials now respect the ‘Use Environment 
Background’ check box. 
  Using hardware shading, Skylight, and mr Sky Portals viewport 
settings together no longer cause a program error. 
  Additional improvements have been made to correctly support 
unlocking the computer when the program is running. 

Viewport Canvas  

  In some cases the paint tool would cause a program error. This 
has been fixed.


Impressive list of fixes :thumbsup:


Wow! Didn’t see that coming! Maybe now max 2012 is ready for prime time :smiley:
Gotta test this SP, as soon as I get some sleep.


3 simple fixes of UnwrapUVW and no fixes of Nitrous editable poly I have reported to KellyM 4 months ago :confused:


was more impressive the bugs list at beginning of its life :wink:


Is this service pack different from that of four month before ?


Yes, i remember that you disappeared when Kelly asked you for help.


Anyone tried it with Vray2.x yet?

Not sure if an update means trouble on the Vray-side…
One can never be too careful you know :scream:

Edit: I was sort of hoping this SP would include a fix for that “viewport hit testing” issue that caused lag when navigating using mouse buttons. Problem is still there. I guess i’ll have to wait some more then.


On the contrary, those two UVunwrap bugs are my most critical ones. I’m very happy they have finally been addressed.


Hey, Captain, did you hear about Personal Messages used on forums and about email correspondence which is somehow common in 21 century?
Everything was explained, delivered with demo scene directly to KellyM with response that they can see the problem, working on it and it should be fixed soon.

But thank you for worrying.


That surely would be pretty disappointing … are you sure ?
If yes that would make me wonder, because Ken was pretty vocal about that problem and that it’s gonna be fixed…


Nice… I’m mid project and after reading this I’ll install it next week orso…



still no fix for mass fx problem with thinking particle :banghead:


I didn’t know that the problem would be as “core” as it turned out to be. The fix is a switch to using the HW to do picking and we’ve seen side effects doing this. Not something we want to get too aggressive with or the fix could be worse than the problem. It’s going to take time to lock this down. I no longer see a quick resolution. It might be months still. If you want to work with us on this, then we need to get something to you to play with. That requires a special invite. Email me: ken.pimentel AT autodesk.com


Nvidia still confirming the fix on their end. We are looking at a Hot Fix once things are resolved. This is a PhysX fix, not a 3ds Max fix, so we don’t control the schedule.

EDIT: Nvidia has just told us to move forwards with the proposed fix. So you should be getting a HF for this in the next couple of weeks.


I’m glad to see that all of you at the house working so hard to fix up all the problems with 3ds max 2012.
Keep up the great work:)


How that can be true if there is NO LAG when you use Rotate/Pan options, they use mouse too, only difference is that ALT-MMB = rotate option, MMB = pan. Isn’t that possible to just deactivate click/raycast feature during ALT-MMB/MMB usage?
Just wondering if that took so much time to fix such small issue, how it’s possible to effectively work on other much complex things?
Also, just curious how it’s done in Maya/XSI/Cinema4D/Modo?



The response I sent on 6/8/2011 was in reference to “Quadro 600 Nitrous slow down test scene” which we did repo. I also have an email from you on 9/14/2011 in reference to “Unwrap UVW problems in 3ds max 2012” that I haven’t had a chance to respond to yet. It has been sent to Jan though (the 3ds Max QA for Unwrap) for review and logging.

I apologize for not responding to the UVW issue email yet but have been very busy. SP2 was pretty much finalized by the time I got your email though. I will follow up with you once we get it fully reviewed.


Hi KellyM, thank you, I have got your response previously and I’m glad you got my new Unwrap UVW mail too.
This was explanation to MGernot, not a doubts with your mail receiving.
I didn’t notice any mentioning of fixes for Editable poly performance for Nitrous in SP2 release notes, that’s why I just wondering if this was addressed in it?


Just because you and I think it might be a “small issue” doesn’t mean it is codewise (as I’ve discovered). We have very smart devs, if it was trivial to fix, they would. Instead of patching legacy code, we’ve ripped it out and have rewritten using hw hit testing which is indeed much faster. Just need to make sure it is solid in all cases. Welcome to XBR-land. It’s all about tackling these legacy code issues and not patching them.


It can be quick fix of legacy code in hotfix and whatever you need in next point release, but whatever. Smart devs should notice that first time new selection algorithm was introduced (2009/2010 I think?)