Ok I want to try a new way to keep track of the progress our members have made in the forum.

The idea is simple… using a honor based PHOTOSHOP template, our members can keep a running tally of their progress in the forum.

To start a member just had to post a version of this image:

on first page of their individual Member SKETCH Collection thread

and right their individual DSF entry.

This will allow all to keep a running tally and maybe at the end of the year we might be able to do some year end awards.

Wanna use it?
Just download the template attached to this message…


I don’t think its possible to win a cathegory.


I should make it more clear.

That means that when the weekly votes are counter you win on a given topic.

BTW a great place to also post your score card is on the first page of your
Member SKETCH Collection .

BTW guys please try the scorecard, and tell me if you have any problems diwnloading it.



Oh ok. So the misspelling is intentional?



hell no…

Ill fix it in a minute

try it now


honestly it’s kinda beaten up already. i made one some days ago. it’s smaller, it’s clean and it’s done in non-destructive way with locked layers etc.

anyway, here’s the original file:


Wow cool!



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