2010 Character Animation Reel


Hey Everybody,

I have just recently finished my 2010 demo reel and would like to share with you all! If you have any comments or critiques please feel free to provide them. Hope you enjoy!


Andrew Gonzalez


I like your style. There’s a very rigid/stop motiony quality to your work. Is that an intentional stylistic choice for you? Keep it up!


Hey Brian,

Thanks for the feedback! The snappy quality of animation in my reel was an intentional choice, I felt that would be the funniest way to portray the motion in those scenarios. Thanks again for your time and I’m glad you enjoyed the style!

Andrew Gonzalez


excellent work man saw a good animation reel by a fresher after lngtime superb
strong line of actions and good posing…


Thank you Ankit for the kinds words, I’m glad you enjoyed it!



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