2010 Animation Reel


Hey Everybody,

I have just recently completed my 2010 demo reel. If you have any critiques or comments feel free. They will be very much appreciated. Thank you, and I hope you guys enjoy.


Colter Coates


Nice work! The executioner bit was my favorite. Great idea - it draws you in. I kind of like that more than your leadoff piece, which is nicely animated but lacks the originality of the last animation. It all comes down to personal preference of course, but I might think about putting executioner first and the crushing guy last. One more strong acting clip using another sound bit would round things out nicely as well, if possible.


Hey KevinKraeer,

Thank you very much for the critique. I am hoping to do another lip sync soon to add to the reel as you said. I am very glad you liked the executioner one. Now that you say that I will be switching the two around with the crushing one last. Thanks again it was very appreciated.


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