2009 Reel feedback


Hello everyone, I recently revised my reel and have been looking for comments and crits. Originally my reel was about a minute in length but I wanted to trim out a lot of similar projects. My areas of focus are mainly lighting and dynamics but I try to generalize as much as possible. I look forward to you feedback, thank you!!



I like what you have there so far, especially the lighting is absolutely gorgeous… however, I think you need to stretch that reel out a bit more and add some more pieces. It all seems a bit too fast and doesn’t really give the viewer a chance to focus on your work… not too much longer, but a bit more will really help you out. Great work so far though! :slight_smile:


Its great but since everything you do is realistic i would work on rendering things out better from maya and color correcting it to look more real in aftereffects… great work!


Hey, thank you for the feedback. After looking at it a gazibillion times I think it needs to be a tad longer as well. And yes, there are definitely some rendering/color correction adjustments I can make to bump up the quality factor. Thank you again!!


I don’t think it needs to be longer. I think it would benefit more from having 2-3 very polished, flawless pieces than MORE pieces. I hear recruiters say time and time again they would rather see 2 awesome things than 5 mediocre things. Perhaps making current projects longer would add length but I’m afraid if you try to add more things just for the sake of length you will stretch yourself thin and sacrifice quality.


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