2006 Type-25, Gary Tonge (2D)


Title: 2006 Type-25
Name: Gary Tonge
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

An image for the new 2006 model of the Subaru Hybrid “Type-25” Impreza.
Rather than fast moving shots for this campaign, I’ve started with a menacing
looking environment with the car sitting in it.
To create this image I had to take a pretty low res web image of the car (as
none of these have arrived in the UK as yet) and scale it up 300% to start
work. Re-detailing, re-lighting and adding features and options the car
took quite some time. The background is to represent the rather serious
nature of this cars performance. 400 BHP - 0-100mph 9.5 seconds.
There will be more in this series.
Image size - 3.3k wide.
For more information go to:
Low res original image:

33% res image


u did an impressive job here…everything looks really good…:thumbsup:.



:applause: FANTASTIC:applause:

Amazing work, I like it very ,very much.
5 stars:thumbsup:


wow this is really fantastic work … excellent process and strong reflections . I like it very much congratulation:thumbsup:


That’s very nice, so… No crits from me. The whole render is top notch.


pretty cool!! nice backgroung! :thumbsup:


Absolute!! Love the reflections!

Nicely done man!


Wooooooooooow … i thought this image is real …


subarus are so hot… delicious… and i think you captured it perfectly… Cheers!



Excellent job!
I’m wondering how did u do the “Re-detailing” task, and could u post a 100% res image of the detail? Thank U ^^


I don’t have the slightest idea how you did it, how long did you work on it? Definetely a six stars work! Did you enhance the original image or you traced and repainted the car from scratch, it doesnt matter which, it is still a six star work, I’m just so darn curious.

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the clean lines almost make me cry. such wonderful execution!


My jaw just dropped down seeing you work. :eek: Absolutely outstanding!!!


WOW! That’s the new STi!?! Sweet!:eek:


My next car! 350HP!!! :twisted:

Is this the same “Antireal”? I imagine so…


great technique…congrats


Insane! I love it.


Did you say 0-60 in 9.5? 0_o My 1989 Van does 0-60 in 7.5… Are you sure thats correct for 400hp?

But anyways this is extremely cool and very detailed rework of the car 5 stars@@!

Edit: oh I see you said 0-100 not 0-60, now that makes sense:D


That’s the 2006 STi, nothing really changed except for the headlights. A whole new model will ocme out 2007.

And he said 0-100 MPH.

How did you do that? It’s like a real photo. :thumbsup:


Oh man, it’s incredible. How can you paint something like this? 5 stars from me!