2004 demo reel-pictures


i’m still trying to figure out a way to compress my demo reel but i thought i would share a few screnshots

animated in 3 weeks
background set built in 3 weeks
female model a couple months on and off

i will post my demo asap


hey killrave

your stuff looks awesome… it’s too bad i had to actually click each links to view each images…

finish up your stuff and post it again man~~~~

oh… i am me… if you know what i mean pal… hehehe

take care


Hey that r0xx0rz as usual, cant wait to see the finished product… just gotta find out how to compress… maybe someone around here knows…


i like the aesthetic you’ve achieved. it looks very exciting!
as for the compression, try using video editing software such as Premiere/Vegas. Import your frames into the program and export them all as a single video file. You might need to download a codec (divx, xvid, etc…).

hope that doesn’t just repeat what you already know!


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