2001 reel is out


My new reel is out, check it out at www.fxgogo.com. Comments are more than welcome



Great work!
Was that your dog?:smiley:


No, it was a work colleague friends dog. The amazing thing was that it was a completely un-trained dog, and it worked perfectly


Nice work, i also think your latest showreel looks more polished and uniform(the work).


Thanks. Yes my older reel, is for 3 years and the production company I worked at did a wide variety of things.


Great work! Compositing and motion graphics all done in After Effects? Production bundle? What do you use for your particle effects?


Thanks. No it was a combination of Max, After Effects and Photoshop. Yes I think it was the production bundle, but I didn’t use any of the features in it, I think. My particle effects are in Max.


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