200+ Women In L.A.’s Animation Ind Demand Studios End Sexual Harassment In Workplace


Rob Note: WE NEED to talk about this and I will keep an close eye on this thread. a lot of people i have meet during the years in the industry have told me HORRIBLE harassment stories in the industry.
Over 200 women and gender-nonconforming people in the American animation industry, most of them artists based in Los Angeles, published an open letter this afternoon with a clear and simple mission statement: “Wipe out sexual harassment in the animation industry.”http://www.cartoonbrew.com/artist-rights/200-women-l-s-animation-industry-demand-studios-end-sexual-harassment-workplace-154100.html


Circumcision is one of the worst forms of sexual-abuse there is, but you can’t talk about it. Obviously this doesn’t make sexual-harassment in the workplace OK, but for whatever reason, people are prepared to overlook something so incredibly stupid and damaging because it is an accepted norm in certain societies. Indeed, circumcision is brought up in numerous American films and TV series where it is often trivialised for “comic” effect.
There is nothing funny about having a part of your body needlessly mutilated without your consent that will affect you for the rest of your life. Yet it happens and there is no sign that it will stop overnight despite how stupid and damaging it is.
Sexual-harassment in the workplace is no longer an accepted-norm and now with HR departments and the internet it is unlikely to continue for it cannot be covered up as easily. In addition, the victims now know that there is a point to speak out because people do care and will believe them.
I think in the past there was no one who would believe/care and actors were extremely desperate because there were 100+ others vying for the same role.

Edit: Also in the past it was impossible for a financially-poor individual to take a rich-person to task for their actions.


I thought LA was hive of feminist and liberal minded nu-males? If women are not safe from those overly vocal about their feminist virtues ( like the Harvey Weinstein’s and Bill Clinton’s of this world ), then these poor lass’s don’t stand a chance anywhere. The video gaming journalism industry was awash with nu-male feminists attacking ordinary and decent gamers ( gamergate ), but even them have now turned out to be sexual predators and harassers. And some much loved actors.

I now feel it is time for all attempts to get to know women are overseen by official chaperones and digitally recorded - maybe a government approved app?. I also feel that segregation is now in order, men truly are a problem. Someone has to think of our poor, innocent, vulnerable and incapable daughters and sisters.


There are so many women speaking out against sexual harassment in the workplace/career right now that it DOES seem like it happens often, and nearly everywhere, and in many different countries and industries, and that most women it has happened to in the past kept quiet about it - out of fear, embarrassment, worry about the consequences of reporting it and so on.

Its easy for us guys to gloss over the problem - I don’t have a single male friend who’s ever complained of being sexually harassed by a woman.

If sexual harassment IS happening at all in an industry, then firm steps need to be taken against it - making clear, for example, that anybody caught doing it will be fired immediately.

If sexual harassment of women were a minor and rare problem that happens here and there, I don’t think all these women would be speaking out about it.

It appears that this is something that happens very frequently to women. And it simply shouldn’t.


Originally Posted by grrinc:"I now feel it is time for all attempts to get to know women
are overseen by official chaperones and digitally recorded -
maybe a government approved app?. I also feel that segregation
is now in order, men truly are a problem. Someone has to think of our poor,
innocent, vulnerable and incapable daughters and sisters.

To the minds of feminists and simpering manginas,
the very existence of an all male space ,anywhere on the bloody planet
means defacto “oppression of women”
Constitutionally protected rights to employment and access to capital
was not enough … nothing will ever be enough.

They beleive that the total eradication of male spaces will somehow
change Male nature… they are wrong.
More and more we see new examples of functioning &orderly Male created & dominated
structures ,of the types that built modern civilization, thrown into chaos& disorder
and having its standards lowered by the introduction of
females for the sake of “equality”.


Hi ThreeDDude - Just to be clear, you know I was being sarcastic right? I am sure you do but sometimes it doesn’t come out clear on the internet, or internationally.

I agree with the sentiments of the rest of your post. I feel sorry for my sons and their sons. Life is getting pretty shitty for males. Just because a few power abusing ass holes are harassing girls, all sorts of male / female interactions, clumsy or not, are bundled in with the sexual harassment industry and all men now have doubt cast on them.

A buddy of mine worked in an all male studio. A young attractive lady was employed and within weeks, the manager has her promoted, all sorts of facilities and training opportunities thrown at her, and they both dated. The other guys were a bit riled but hey, two adults, both playing their hands, no one getting harmed except maybe the business may take a reputational hit because the girl was not actually capable of the position she was elevated to. Guess what happened next?.. Nothing. The girl and the guy love each other and hopefully, they have a bright future.

My Grandad pursued my Grandma relentlessly over many months - nearly a year. 70 years later, there are over 20 offspring thanks to that coupling - all decent people and hard working, paying taxes and loving their families. If this happened today, the zealots would have my Grandad down as a predator.

Stay safe guys - these stories has been hijacked by the wrong people who have political, not artistic intentions. Your sons, your fathers, your nephews and your brother are not bad people. Never allow them to be doubted by the political climate. Protect them and protect yourself.


I honestly DO NOT see how females entering a tech profession will “LOWER STANDARDS”.

That is just complete and utter NONSENSE. I hope that you were joking when you posted this.

My first - very small - place of employment had 5 women working.

One was a certified software engineer and the best coder we had. Another a multimedia/interactive content development specialist. A third was a good web and graphic designer. A fourth did heavy duty After Effects work. A fifth was an engineer with a PhD degree who checked whether our work was technically correct.

NOTHING these women did did lower ANY kind of standards - they were all very competent, university educated, intelligent, professional, and it was very pleasant to have these women in the office.

If we had been an ALL MALE outfit we actually would have produced LOWER quality work. The place would have been full of sex talk, beer talk, football talk, fart jokes, FPS playing and other shit.

Having 5 women on board resulted in a far more mature and professional work environment. We produced good work there.

The women working with us were a MAJOR part of producing that good work.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of working 9 to 5 in an ALL MALE work environment is actually offputting to me.

I enjoy working with women. The perfect place of work for me would be 50% Male and %50 Female.



Are you suggesting gender does make a difference? That women have a uniqueness that men cannot provide? If so, your attitude would be regarded as sexist by some. How do you feel about industries or work places dominated by women? Teaching or nursing for example? Are they missing out on the somehow golden 50/50 rule you aspire to? Of course its nonsense. Skills not genitalia.

Equality of opportunity trumps equality of outcome all day long.



ThreeDDudde posted what is below:

This idea that “male create & dominated structures built modern civilization” is complete nonsense.

For hundreds of years women were deliberately kept out of business and government in dozens of societies.

For example, windscreen wipers - the ones you have on your car - were invented by a female inventor.

She patented her invention, took it to the car manufacturers of that time, and they told her “this is of no use in motoring” just because she was female.

When her patent protection ran out, car manufacturers suddenly all used her invention - windscreen wipers. She didn’t get a penny for inventing them and nobody remembers her today.

The first computer programmer in history was also female - Ada Lovelace, the daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron.

But when we think computers, we think that “men invented most of that”.

Some food for thought?



“This idea that “male create & dominated structures built modern civilization” is complete nonsense.”

True and false. Men most definitely undertook the physicality of it all, plus the political oversight and defence of it. But it was done for our families and our way of life - it was done because and for our women. Not instead of them. Our women were raising our children and tending our homes. Humanity got this far because men and women understood a hardwired reality - that man and woman are two halves of greater whole - both with unique responsibilities. Survival was our concern, not feelings.

But yes, as we progressed to the current age, there was a mean spirited era where women were intentionally marginalised - history bares that out and so yes, I agree with the bulk of what you wrote.

But this does not excuse a lot of the politically angled nonsense that is peddled in the name of feminism.

My son wants to get into game design and graphics ( I am urging him to get a ‘proper job’ ). If companies employ a policy of recruiting based on genitals and skin colour, rather than merit, than how on earth is he going square that? He is an innocent young man raised in his own native country and already judged as a ‘problem’ by those with an axe to grind. I care for my sons. I care for your sons.

Again equality of opportunity trumps equality of outcome. And in the UK at least, equality of opportunity is written into law.

One last thought. The dynamics of the male and female are pretty much hardwired into our dna. If something was wrong, do you not feel our species would have died out by now? In an attempt to keep this on topic - ie ‘sexual harassment’ - I do not buy the idea that a man expressing a romantic interest in a woman ( or vice versa ) should be regarded as a form of harassment. No matter were the interactions take place. By assuming women are victims, when an unwanted approach is made, they are being infantised, and the men made out to be a sexual menace ( hugely damaging in this climate ). This way of thinking needs calm and rational thought. Human error needs to be accounted for - there are so many dynamics at play and it cannot simply fall into simple categories - ie ‘okay when good looking Chad pays a compliment’ versus ’ bad when sweaty fat guy pays compliment’.

In the UK there is already talk of segregation on the train lines. I made a joke about it a few posts ago, but this backwards way of thinking is getting talked about in the upper echelons of Government.
If men are reduced to having every action written off as ‘problematic’, if society cannot take the notion of humanity into account, then we are going backwards and I truly believe it is the women who will suffer most - because men will be raised to believe they are poison.


(not sure how reliable this source is) but this states:

“Ada’s friend and mentor Charles Babbage, the father of the computer, wrote the first computer program and the first computer code in 1836 (24 rudimentary, and sometimes error prone, programs; written as notes for his theoretical machines).[4]
Meanwhile Ada wrote her code in 1842, in correspondence with Babbage, as notes on Luigi Menebrea‘s notes on Babbage’s most famous machine the theoretical Analytical Engine. Check Ada and Menebrea’s essay here: Sketch of The Analytical Engine Invented by Charles Babbage.[5][6][7]



I disagree. the perfect place for me would be 100% good artists/coworkers and 0% idiots. If this happens to be 80% female and 20% male, great. If its 80% male and 20% female, also great. Hiring by quota never helps to “solve” this imbalance (if that’s even something we can or should solve in the first place).


Maybe I am being a bit mischievous here, but I could argue that a 33% male 33% female and 33% non binary ratio is fair. Then all those must be further divided into sexual preference ratios and skin colour ratios. Stupid huh? The current climate is insane. Absolutely insane. It has to be rejected and thrown out with the trash ( fortunately it is heading that way on its own - the progressive movement is eating itself ). To think we will soon be advising our sons to pretend they are women to improve the chances of getting a job, and the companies having to legally accept they are women to avoid getting sued. Madness. Idiocy.

Name the sexual abusers, the bullies, the arse holes. Expose them. Leave the everyday guy alone.



Edit, in all seriousness. it all starts with men not harassing, flirting or making women uncomfortable at the workplace. That is all there is to this.
If we started there, that would be just fine. sips coffee


I can completely understand no harassing and/or making uncomfortable at the workplace (not just for women but in general).

But you have to explain what’s wrong with a bit of flirting?!
What if you just happen to like someone? Plenty of happy couples met each other at work…

Sure, I can understand you have to stop when you’re getting the signal it’s not mutual… but at that point it becomes harassment anyway.


I had a chat with some family last night and it turns out most of us met partners at work at one time or another. Plus it was the women who mostly initiated it.


OK i can speak from experience…
About 4 years ago I mentored a group of young women starting in the industry during SIGGRAPH …
When we started talking, to my shock , ALL OF THEM had horror stories.
Tales of Supervisors INSISTING they go on dates (that seems to happen a lot ).
Disparaging comments based on Gender and feeling that they had to jump thorough hoops their male counterparts did not have to jump.
The way I see is if so many woman are coming forward now , there is something WRONG about the system.
And here is another horror story…
In a past job I knew of a Contractor come crying to a female supervisor because her direct manager wanted to go on a date. (I knew the guy and he has a rep)

She is a single mother and she was FREAKED OUT about turning down the advances of someone who could fire her at will.
Guess what management did?
They disciplined the Supervisor that tried to help the contractor and she quit shortly after that.


Yes, I suggest that you do not flirt at work. Be a normal civilized person, talk to people as if they are your coworkers and nothing else. That way, you get your work done, while people feel respected and if a mutual fondness strikes, you’ll both notice. Might as well just be two people who grow into friends. It is nice to have friends at a workplace. It is quite normal to have friends of the opposite sex. At the point where you guys go out to have a beer on your own, you’ll know if she is in to you. This is how you build relationships anyways.
If you just want to get laid, install tinder or go to a pub with strangers.


Also, this: (read the image)


I thoroughly advice all guys to not get beaten down by spiteful feminist dogma. Do not let your children believe there healthy and ordinary interactions are shameful anf predatory. This is political interference. And it done from a perspective that there is inherently something wrong with men. It is a form of abuse. Protect your kids. Above all remember why you are here, because your parents or grandparents pursued each other.

Call out the obvious wrong guys or girls (yes women are slowly catching up with men ) but do not allow our childrens future to be soulless and without romance and fun.