20 June - 30 June 2011 - 2nd Animation competation


Hi guys, welcome to second challenge, second challenge is going to be bouncing ball again, but this time it is going to be heavy ball - light ball combination , if someone desire he can make other animation as stretch - squash bouncing ball as plus. If you want to attend the challenge you can make 2 videos

first video : heavy-light balls bouncing without stretching squashing (it can be same time ,two balls… nevermind)

second video : Bouncing ball with streching and squashing

If you want to join please read the rules


1. No Render

2. No camera moving

3. No lighting

4. No anything to taking attention from animation

5. It is going to be just ball in the scene and nothing else(floor and similar stuffs accaptable)

Front or Side camera will be accaptable

7. Texture : It can be checker or wireframe with shaded view

8. if you can, please add to timecode

Comp. Time: 20 June 2011 - 30 June 2011

Animation Time : Maximum 200 frames (pal system 200 frames)

Good Luck!



Hey Egeman,

Good theme for a second challenge. It’s nice to see a smooth curve of challenge here, keeping it simple and fundamental-based thus far.

I’ll upload my entry later these days o/


Nice! I’ll do my entry also later this week… Can I reuse my heavy ball animation? I’ll add a light bouncy ball to the animation and interact it with the heavy one…Cheers!


Hi Pulapula, for sure you can use ,if you think that heavy ball is OK! for you


Hi adamkadamon, thank you for comment, this is what I want to do it, the name is competation, but the reailty is step by step make our skills higher, so the key is always keep it simple so we started from simple to the difficult, every competation is going to be more difficult then before, i hope everyone will be enjoy, and learn something all together


First video

No strecth no squash



katılım yokmu yada

Does not anyone want to join this competition



Sure we do!



awsome, good work


its cool ,congratulations


its really good! congratulations!


Thanks for comments.

Are we going to have a voting on our animations?
I think it would be fun to vote and let a winner choose next competition topic.


Hi all… I had just 2h to work on this one… This week was killer for me.
Here is my entry with no squash and stretch! Cheers!



Hi Pulapula, it looks cool, i like it


Hi Sebek128 , your idea mightbe dangerous i think , imean everyone has different level and skill, for example bouncing ball might be difficult for someone and it might be easy for other, i recomended to manage one person who knows, i dont say i do it or you, but i think someone should do it and manage it at least lets say decided to next competation, as you see we are trying to waking up this section to join maximum people, for example someone won and decided to make very complicated animation, that entry will be less, so the question is , we try to make maximum join to the entry or we want to show our skills and discuss about it, as i say all is ok for me, if everyone says ,who is winner can decided, its also ok for sure, i just said my idea…lets wait and see what people think about it.

This entry going to finish soon, so if you want you can decided to next entry.I just want to wake up this section and make good quality friendly something(i dont mind if it is competation) my point is doing something to have benefit for all



Well I think we all agreed that we would like to keep as many participants as possible and work to increase our skills, gradually increasing complexity of our animations.
Everyone just should be aware that we need only a slight difficulty changes for next competitions to keep it available to everyone.

I dont want to suggest a judo fight scene for the next time :wink:

The best idea I think is to let the winner choose the topic under Your moderation.
This way You will keep it on right track, and will have a little more motivation do to our best.


Wow I really didn’t think I’ll make it in but, sure enough I found some time in between moving and work, not as much as I hoped. I have to say everyone’s submission so far looks great. Here is mine http://youtu.be/SrKHxBPVj10?hd=1 I welcome any feedback.


Remember than no matter how heavy the ball is, it has a parabolic trajectory, try to check the curves because the movement of both of these looks a bit unnatural.


Ok I feel pretty stupid I just rewatch the video I posted and saw the first bounce of the light ball doesn’t even touch the ground :banghead: . For some reason It skips every ninth frame, well I guess that’s last time I try to use my netbook for video encoding. Here is the new link http://youtu.be/nH2-4ntxiYc

Sebek128 thanks for pointing out the trajectories. I been messing around with the curves but I guess the heavy ball needs a little bit more work.


Hi Everyone,
Here is my Light heavy and jelly fell ball animation i have done. I have took 2 hours to do this full shots and i hope your feed back will make me to correct myself in timing and its must. Thank you all.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuyG0-RPf5I :banghead: