20 core / 40 thread Render farm for sale


Yo! Man it’s been ages since I have posted here. How is everyone going ? Ive had a poke around and lots of familiar voices which is great. I used to spend hours lurking around here. . . Anyways if you are in NZ a custom-built 40 core render solution is available. We’ve used this for Maya Arnold and c4d Vray and Team render with great success. Its a beautiful piece of kit. Packs in a flight case so you can go and do kick arse post work from a hotel room in Bangkok!




8 cores per drawer?


whoops. Typo. each CPU has 4 cores /8 threads so in total 20 core / 40 threads


[Edited] Keep in mind that a single 2019 threadripper–coming in a few months–will have 2x or 3x the processing power than this machine.


Ouch. Sorry if I’ve offended. I really am. You do know this is New Zealand dollars right ? I honestly love these boxes and they work really well. Admittedly I use them mostly for Maya Arnold. I used them last on a coke ad in March and are definitely real world production-proven so I think you are being more than a little harsh. New kit on the way sounds great mr IceCaveMan, and to be fair I might have listed them a little high so will adjust the price tomorrow morning. They took almost a week to make ! Cutting the holes in the steel drawers with a dremmel for the parts to fit in . And selecting the little power on buttons from radio shack which are stainless boat starters buttons, and have a cool ring light . . but hey. Not for everyone. And look. I do have really fond memories of hanging out here alot, I didnt think for a second posting this here would provoke what I just read above. It really bummed me out fellas.


No need to be that harsh.

The guy clrearly spent time building his “render filing cabinet”, and at some point it probably looked kick ass and competitive.

By today’s standards, it’s a different story, true, but it’s also only USD 1400 / EUR 1300. That"s the price of
just the 24 cores Threadripper chip where I am.

A little overpriced maybe considering the power draw, second-hand nature and space taken, but a scam/fraud?


I agree with Eric , too harsh.


Since each drawer appears to be a self contained consumer pc, assuming the boards have video + audio out, I’d buy some cheap mATX no psu cases and break it down into 5 computers.

An i7 4790, 16GB with SSD is a half decent computer. The Windows 7 can still be upgraded free to Windows 10.

Then sell some on EBay and give a couple to deserving nephews etc.


That exact behavior is the reason these forums are dead or dying. Complete and utter uncalled for attacks. You must be fun at reunions.


Fair enough. But this isn’t a sale board for old computer parts.
And my ‘Bullshit man’ reference from "An idiot abroad’ was supposed to be funny.

There’s lot of suckers out there, who would jump at the chance to buy a ‘render farm’, while being sold a doozie.


For sure I agree with that. I guess what I am saying is, a good response to him would be to direct him to a better place to advertise his item and offer constructive advice about what he could reasonably expect cash-wise in today’s market minus the vitriol. :man_shrugging:


I apologize for the tone of my post last night. I was wrong to say those things.


Hey fellas. I think my last post before this one was to drop a whole lot of free mocap and HDRI’s that are still being downloaded from my site everyday. and so hope that balances out that I’m not an extraordinary grimster. posting this box here was in hope that something i really liked could find a new home, for those CPU based renderer wranglers of which i used to be one. Its four years old and I’ve used these alot in a ton of commercial work. They’ve held up well. In saying that i recognise that I’ve misjudged posting this here . I also recognise that my love for these things affected my perception of their value. We all know the world is already full of angry tweets that soak up way too much time. So if any mods can kindly just delete this thread i think the world would be a better place. Is that possible ?


Slightly weirded out by the fact that I too have a Helmer ‘render farm (not as neat as Pete’s)’, live in Auckland; the farm is now largely redundant, and the final coincident clincher is my name’s Pete. Small world.
Pete, want to start the world’s most specific user group?!
Worked great doing arch viz with Vray.

I was thinking of trying to sell mine, but looks like the market is flooded.

In response to jed949’s post; I did convert one of the drawers to a media/game pc which now lives alongside the TV. Cost of a case and a GTX1060 - works fine.Uploading…


I’d like to apologize too for getting a bit carried away and overly critical in my wording.
No hard feelings fella.



You should hit up Rich Nosworthy–he’s in NZ


I built three of these Helmer boxes years ago and absolutely love them. I originally built mine as hackintosh machines, but they are now Win7 machines. My only regret was not using slightly faster hardware. My Cinebench score is 425-ish per drawer, but I’ve got 18 of them, so it evens out. I have rendered so many projects that it’s been running for weeks at a time non-stop. I have other computers on the farm, but three Helmers look pretty sweet next to each other. If I was in NZ, i’d be interested in more render power for sure.


And the point I was trying to make originally gdogfunk, is that there are relatively cheap configurations available now, that can exist within a single workstation, that can beat this setup by 2000 points. And configs that are more powerful by a factor of 2-1, that will cost you in excess of 12k… That from a power standpoint, I’d much rather have that power on a single machine, vs 18 of them. From a practical point of view (no Teamviewer required) and from an electricity bill savings POV.


Well, sure. Anytime you buy/build a machine, it’s already outdated since newer/faster/better hardware is imminent. In my case, electricity is provided in my office lease, so power consumption isn’t something I’m as concerned about. However, having near 30 machines on a farm regardless of their CB score gets the job done much faster than trying to keep up with the hardware-jones’ or dealing with third-party services. I may have to wait a bit longer for the last few frames to finish, but they have paid for themselves many times over. At the time, it was the best business decision I could have ever made, given the amount of rendering I was doing. They have allowed me to meet many insane deadlines that I simply could not have met otherwise.


There’s nothing wrong with him trying to sell a machine setup he configured and has tested and used.

There’s also nothing wrong with anyone NOT buying it because cheaper, better, faster hardware exists now already. That’s the joy of an open market.

Someone could also buy this and refit it with modern hardware and upgrade it - that’s an option and at this price, not a bad one at all. It works fine now, but could also work even better with a little tender-loving-care.

That’s not why these forums have died down - they’ve died down because the old CGTalk disappeared and got erased. The internet has always had caustic arguments and potent polemics - and if you’re afraid of that, head on over to no sites ever, since argumentation and debate make EVERYONE think better, harder, and change their minds or not. As long as there are no personal attacks (or other logical fallacies) it’s fine. It should be encouraged.

If you’re afraid of debate, log out and give up. Find a job in retail or construction. The internet is not going to be a good experience for you, period.