2 shapes: connect, extrude and fill



as you can see in picture 1 I have basically two shapes. I want to connect these two shapes, so that they are connected like in picture 3.
Is there a easy or automatic way to do that? If it is possible I want to avoid to much modeling.

Thanks in advance.


You’re not going to be able to do it that way because the inside shape and the outside shape have different numbers of vertices, what would help is if you took one of the shapes and copied it and fit it to the other shape, that way you have an identical number of vertices and can just bridge them.
It would also help to lower the number of edges on the curves, you can smooth it further later but while you’re making the shape you don’t need it all that high.


Do just the blue shape as a spline, use Bevel or Bevel Profile to get the extension to the red shape, then edit the beveled shape for the final design.



could try Morph to Spline…


just take 1 spline, attach it to the other, and extrude?