2 pivot point quandry


Anyone have any ideas how to set something like this up? For being such a simple concept it sure seems like a rather complex solution, but then again, the simplest things are always the hardest to do in maya. Or maybe im just over complicating it…

Im basically just trying to have 2 transforms on one object, so I can rotate from either end of the rectangle without animating the pivot point every time. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



It may sound convoluted but I did this on a quadroped spine. I took two arrows and parented them to my two control circles. One over the hip and one over the shoulder. I then grouped both of them seperatly giving them each a pad. So now I have this,


Now I point constrain the ShoulderPadGrp to a shoulder joint and likewise with the hip. I also aim constrain the two Pointers at the other PadGrp. So the HipPointerCurve is aimed at the shoulder group.

So now I take my hip control and group it inside a new group. I now set my pivot for this new group to the shoulder axis. Then you drive those two controls with the aim curves. If you use a pad for the hip it is an additive form of rigging, so you can still move the hips around normally.

I hope I didnt miss anything, I think I had to reverse a rotation somwhere or something like that. Its been a while since I did that. You should be able to get the jist of it though. If you need an example I could post a shot of the rig.

I hope that helps.


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