2 person acting - needs crit


Hey everybody, I’m working on a new animation using a sound clip from Jurassic Park. I feel like it is doing good so far, but It really needs another pair of eyes. Any crits would be appreciated.

(about 580kb)

~ Kent Alfred

P.S. If you are not busy, check out my website, I just re-vamped it and would love to get some input. Thanks!


good stuuf,you realy getting there,the secon guy,bring his eyes first , and try to define better where his is looking, in “life … away”, what he is doing at this time,he loks down, but shift weight at the same time,look first, swift, and look back…
dunno,.,just my impressionnnnbut it´s getting alive. cool


Okay I’ve addressed the head turn issue. In addition I have corrected some lip sync and adjusted some timing in various parts.

Here is the new version…
http://www.kentalfred.com/3d work/new/jp_life_v6.mov

~ Kent Alfred


Hey nice job so far. a couple things saw…first thing i noticed was that the first guy seems a little unnatural after holding his hand up for that long. maybe if you brought it in closer to his chest or even just turned the palm more towards the camera it might help. The hand movement right before he says “breed” seems a little funky yet. and I’d also play with his shoulders a bit too. They seem a bit robotic right now. but it’s coming along very nicely. Keep it up!


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