2 particle collison questions

  1. Is there a way to find out with which object my particle collided, or a way to make it split into particles of type A on hitting one object and of type B on hitting another object?

  2. How can I read the attributes from the particle that just hit something and thus emitting my new particles in those new particles? For example read the radiusPP of the original particle so big particles will emit big ones on hitting something and small particles will just emit small ones.

Thanks for your thoughts.


It sounds like you need to write some conditional expressions

Hopefully Alex will see this thread and lead you in the right directions


have a look into particle collision events, and the use of event procedures, procs which you define the contents of, but which are always passed the same arguments…just the ones you want: the object collided with, the particle id, and the particle object. you can then use the particle querrying tools to colect the values of various PP attribs, and use these to be inherited by new particles being emitted into a new particle object, or tracking the new particles being added to the current particle object.


Thanks for the suggestio, but that’s a little too much for me. I’ll need to dig more into mel to do that collision stuff (esp calculating the resulting vectors after hitting the surface) on my own. I though I could use mayas handling of the bouncing, sliding on the surface etc. - but by generating my own particles I have to do that by hand.


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