2 or more spines in one bone chain issue



Like in image above… When i parrent the controls of the spine to the control for the upper body, sometimes the root bones of the spines “stretches”. On what depend that? How can i bypass this? Thanks for the answers in advance.



It really depends on how the whole thing is set up. If you could give more information about how its all connected, that would help.

Is there only one long curve along the back, controlled by clusters, or 3 separate ones?
My initial take is that by parenting, somehow translation is being added to the curves…but I don’t know for sure. Try selecting the curves, and going into the attribute editor, (make sure you’re selecting the curve and not the curveShape) and uncheck the ‘inherits transforms’ box. See if that works. I could be way off…

Just give us more info.


There are two curves. Here is procedure… First i create ik spine. I cluster it. Then i point contstrain the clusters to the curves. I parrent the curves to the upper body control (curve also).

When i turn off inherits transform, it moved the bones but the problem stays… Hope if that helps…
Thank you for your time.



I solved it. It was problem with point contstrain.



that’s great that you fixed it…but do you understand why it was freaking out to begin with?


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