I’d love to have a go at one of the competitions if they were about

As for ideas, how about something simple, such as taking a news headline, making that into the challenge? Picking some of today’s headlines that grabbed me (courtesy Fark and The Register):

Two brews in one: coffee beer
North Dakota debating microchips in employees
[b]Want to cross the road? Don’t ask Google Maps. 30-second walk becomes 10.4km epic road trip
US town bans Santa

[/b]Failing that, find some random words! It’s easier if one is a place, one a person and one a verb


Hey sheepfilms!

I would also like to start a challenge but apparently, nothing is being done to organzine one. I think we just have to wait. :confused:


Hey guys (whoever is reading, how many there might be)!!!

Maybe we should a comp on our own??? I mean, why the heck do we need Roberto to organize this (no offense). Maybe he has many other things to do than organizing a comp w/o entries…

So lets start. What about…

Time: 3 Months Beginning March 01 2007 ending May 31 2007 23.45h
to take into consideration that some of us actually do work

Theme/Subject: Three suggestions, we pick one together.

  1. Head Of A Woman
  2. Lighter In The Dark
  3. Secret Relation

The script has to be made for the comp. No decomposing scripts from your drawer.
This doesn’t need to be the title of the film. In some way in needs to be part or what ever of the film.
The genre is open (horror, documentary, scifi, drama, experimentel, whatever, shoot me).

A thread (2min FilmClub Nr.1 - name - name of the film) has to be opened for the entry from which we can see the STAFF, EQUIPEMENT and DRINKS consumed throughout the whole production. ok kidding on that one. At the end (May31 or june01) a summary needs to be added.

No animation film. Only livefootage, although CG elements are welcomed.

This is fun, not war.

Categories: question is if we need this??? Because the way you treated the theme, maybe the story or script is experimentel, to everyone it just isn’t clear. so, no best script/story.
Or most people really don’t know what is the real work a director does. so how to find a category everyone can vote for???
maybe just best film??? or we do it for the fun??? not quite sure bout that one.

at least, thats for sure 3dEffects you are in. So lets startt this baby anyway.
What you think???



Ok Ill pitch in in any way I can.

Ok lets do this, how about if we start a mini challenge in about a month.
But i would need to have at least 3 people that FOR SURE will participate.

The challenges in those forum died because of the lack of participation in
“the City” mini challenge, about a year ago.

BTW for this one I might not be able to plug it, like my other challenges.



good to see you , roberto.

so me is #1.

let’s get rollin


Hey BadG3r great idea to get the ball rolling!:thumbsup: I agree!

Thanks Roberto for starting this challenge!:applause:

Count me in!

Me is #2



I like the idea of starting in a month, as I’m already in the FXWars compo on another thread! This and I might be a little busy, but nothing’s definite at the moment.

Count me in, just please forgive me if it’s quick and dirty because I’m busy


Trust me! We LIKE quick and dirty.

Brannigans law is like Brannigans love: Hard and fast!


Quick and dirty it is then!


ok we got three people!

now we need a decent topic…

Any ideas?



take any of the above stated ones from me…


take any of the above stated ones from me…

Also, you can take sheepfilms’ ideas.


Ok I will look into it.
So lets start talking about rules…


Hello I’m still alive :bounce:
I’m glad to see the filmclub is rising from its ashes. I can’t say for sure if I’ll be able to participate because I’m deep in the pre-production of my first feature film (yeehaa!) so I’m a bit busy. Anyways I’m more interrested than ever. 2min filmclub is the best way to dust off my DV camera and go shoot some stuff. So if I’m inspired and if I my plannings allows it, you can count me in.
As for the rules, I would only suggest something very simple like

  • no categories
  • only one “prize”
  • a wide topic
  • and last but not least, everybody go wild!

Roll camera.


Hey Igor! It’s great to have someone experienced in these film challenges to participate! :slight_smile:

As for the rules, I would only suggest something very simple like

  • no categories
  • only one “prize”
  • a wide topic
  • and last but not least, everybody go wild!

As for the rules you posted, I would agree upon them. Prize may also be extended to a runner up (depending on the amount of participation of course).



Good luck with your first feature IGOR. Every time it confuses me when somebody talks to you cause my name’s igor, too.

to the rules-mobile… dada dada dada da

to be amended by

AND last but… you know the rest.

don’t let us decompose while talking about rules. stick to what igor said (not me). it would be just fine. if something isn’t working we adjust it in later comps.
yeah i’m an optimist…



so do you guys want to do based on the chosen topic?
A film collage? A mini doc? A short?



I agree with what BadG3r said.

Now, Roberto, for me a range of topics to choose from would be an option. Also, I prefer a mini-doc or a short as a type of film.

My two cents …


ONE topic and free choice of genre.

so we can see how we approach the given topic. if the topic is wide (e.g. head of a woman, i know thats really abstract) we will have diffrent and interesting (at least i hope so :wink: results.


I second that. Well it’s a completely subjective statement, but I work better with freedom than with constraints.