Roberto, now that I’ve groveled I’ll post my challenge suggestion:

1–2 minute PSA (public service announcement) of contestant’s choice.


Is this ever going to revive?


[left]Looks promising what happened to this contest?[/left]


I’d love to see the film club revive too. My only concern is the voting system. There are several categories users can vote for, but in the end, the same film wins them all. It doesn’t make much sense. The goal is to improve not to win, but it’s kind of frustrating anyway. I have to admit my motivation went down a little because of that. Anyways, if the film club comes back, you can count me in, for sure! I guess it ended because of the low participation, so we need a petition :slight_smile:
Take care.


You’re right Igor, the rating system might be better off when you split it up in different segments, so you can lose the cinematography part but win with the best screenplay and make one categorie ‘best out of all’ or something towards that direction to have a real winner. More like the Oscars way…


as i’ve posted before… i’d also like to see this come back!
maybe theres a way the small group that do want it to come back could start up an “unofficial” challenge like some of the other sections have
over here in louisville there’s a local 48hr film challenge with the same idea as the 48hr film project… www.48hourfilm.com which i’m doing this year wooo wooo
anyways… the local version is noncompetitive so its more just a fun challenge to do if anybody wanted to just go that way with it


Ok I DID promise in an interview that I would bring this back, and I will.
BUT I want to avoid the disater of the second contest.

So what can be done to avoid low participation. Keep in mind, we want the entries to look really polished.

For example, one thing I REALLY want to do is
"STICK FIGURE Theater" inspired by the short by Louis Clichy
A quoi ça sert l’amour

-R PS And keep posting topics!


Ah! finaly our leader has found his way back :slight_smile:

Correct me if i’m wrong, but stickfigure animation is quite not my area of expertise i’m more into lifeaction with Visual FX combined… and thats not what you seem to have in mind, right?


Trying to get more participation and restricting the medium to stick figure animation seems a bit contradictory to me. I love that short film but anyone can decide to go for that style of animation on any topic. If the film club starts again with that restriction, I’m not gonna take part in it, simply because animation is not my field. Just my two cent…

Anyways, for that question of how to gather more people to particitpate in the film club, one solution would be to make it on a two months basis, or to separate live action from animation (1 month for live action and 2 months for animation or something like that). It seems a lot of animation filmmakers found one month to to be too short.

As far as I am concerned, everything was fine with the old rules. Maybe a more open topic would help, but that’s a detail. (and also the voting system as I mention in my above reply)
I can’t wait to see the film club back.


I kinda agree with Igor on this one roberto!!

Something like the last rules will do just fine, more time and more front page plugging from your part will surelly do the trick!


As I did before I also agree with Igor.
On the other hand Roberto… you have to avoid indeed a second disaster with the 2min. film club. So spreading the word bigtime will help this for sure, more on the frontpage… It’s kinda dead here, if you havent noticed it yet…


I’ll throw in my 2 cents and agree with everyone so far. While I really like the idea of the stick figure film, I think it may narrow the field down too much. Keeping it more open with a slightly longer timeline and more exposure may help.


Ill spread the wors around. trust me on that one guys.

Any more ideas?



COUNT ME IN!! i think it would be AWSOME to have bi weekley or monthly short film contests, i make game movies would most certainly do this it would give people a chance to to do somthing new



I was just wondering, will there be another short film competition? Since it’s been quite a while since one has been organized, I thought whether another competition will run again.



I would not bet my money on it… this challenge is dead for too long now…


Yeah it seems likely so. But I thought I could revive the interest and maybe get Roberto to start organizing once again.

Fingers Crossed! :slight_smile:



I hope you can! I would love to see this alive again! Though don’t know for sure if I still have the time to join the challenge…


Today was the first time I saw the thread…


Maybe this competition should have a standalone forum between the other challenges. it was pure luck to find you guys.

As for the low participation:

Its a new challenge, others will join (NEED A STANDALONE FORUM ON FRONTPAGE cant emphasize that enough)

make it 1 month competition, 1 month break, so we end up with six films everybody can work on that. for me eg. its also money consuming and i dont have the money to get a team, equipement, etc. every month.

and if theres once a low participation. so what? i mean this is much stronger and more complex in the hole. it isn’t a software you just doenload some tuts an start getting better.
here you need other research. so, there aren’t as many entries as in modelling or so.





Hey BadG3r! Glad you are in aswell!

I would also like to revive and participate in these competitions. I sent a PM to Roberto about 2 weeks ago, but I haven’t received any reply yet! :confused: