Hey peeps, I’ve just joined. Is there a specific area where I can introduce myself? If not I can talk a bit about myself. But lemme get to the point. Is this 2min film challenge still going on? Doesn’t seem to be anything in the last couple of months. Sad. Well anyways I would’ve loved to take part in the challenge. Let’s just hope it makes a comeback…

All the best…



maybe if someone else asks Roberto will play god a little by resurrecting the challenge. I really hope so…maybe as a pre-fx-war to collect the footage…(btw I hope the next fxwar will need some live action again :thumbsup: )


Id like that to…:deal:

(not right now tho cause Im busy busy busy)



I give…

But you kids pick the topic.

What would you guys like to do?



will you do one as well roberto?:thumbsup:


Next one,

right one I am swamped.



Same here!.. Lets have a long deadline this time…
(as if two and three months werent enough!)

Topic: “Making of…”


I know this is NOT what you had in mind…

but until the official challenge goes live how about of you guys




At this moment I have to deal with a lot of troubles that can affect my chances of getting into the challenge but i hope to get out of this situation soon!
For the reel challenge, sorry i can’t draw…i’m here for the friendship :stuck_out_tongue:


I would really like to participate as well…
though i’m a beginning filmmaker with allmost no time to spend…

but I was thinking about a topic like this:
The Robbery?
Not to hard, and a classic topic…


yeah cant wait til the film challenge gets going again, i didnt get to join the ones before because i was in the middle of getting a new camera … ebay problems slowed it down but now i have one and ready to go :buttrock:


I’m not sure. I’m just 15 years old. But I would like to give it a try.


Oj it is nice to see interest.
Let me get the modelling challenge running, and Ill bring this one back.

Any topics you guys would like to do?




some topics

from Vertical Vortex
The Robbery

from ZaKKoS
Forbidden Love
The Box
Movie trailer (not of an existing movie)

and some random things from me -
Letting Go
Go to the Store!
The Driver
Lucky Day
In the Beginning


Or making a music video clip from a given song edit: or not a given but a song choosen bij yourself… your favorite maybe? and translating it in your vision of the videoclip.

or making an commercial about all-day-problems like smoking or poor people…

just some thoughts


I’d like to see this start back up again, I should be getting more free time soon.

Some topics:
Someone’s at the Door
The End
The Closet
The In-laws
Why Me?


Some Topics:

What I did this summer…

The Time Machine

A Day at the Amusement Park


A Day at the Beach



dont think that this thread needs anymore topics :wink: it needs someone who runs this place! where is the man?


. . . . . .


Come back Oh 2-Minute Film Club, Come back!

Seriously I’d love to see this start back up. I know, I know. I didn’t finish the one that I entered and I’ll make no excuses. I think storytelling is one aspect that everyone can work on getting better at, and this is a great medium to do it in.

Its a very difficult balance to make between the images and storytelling. The key is a good story will overcome bad effects, lousy DV compression, and not having Shake… As CG people its sometimes hard to get rid of the perfectionist tendencies and learn when its good enough.

I for one can always work on getting better at all these things, so from me I say, come back.