I would love to participate, I won’t be able to do it every time though.


Count me in.

A possible topic could be…

Someone coming to an abrupt stop, or realization. This could be funny to see what different ways peopled are stopped, or watching a character Realize something is wrong, or something bad, funny is about to happen.

Just a thought.



I think a monthly writing challenge would be a little more realistic in terms of completion although neither of these forusm is as active as I had hoped.


I would also like it to have a chance sharing informations with other people : )
For me it would be a honor to participate on that Idea.
Just started making shorts a couple of months ago.

This competition would be a really good thing.

I would also help where I can.



i would be very interested in taking part in something like this, i have no ideas for topics but would suugest trying to keep any restrictions in that regard as open ended or imaginative as possible…also to alow a generous timeframe for completion.


I am up for the challenge but i usually end up with no time soo i never finish any of these challenges on cgtalk it kinda sucks, but i get buisy:( I wouldnt mind doing this here and there.



i would definately participate, regardless off what topic or theme it has to be


I just saw this on the first page and got pissed off, so I am going back to it. One, I will agree with some other people that said this, we are brainstorming and there is no reason to put other people down here. Two I have seen contest that have worked off of one script, and its just amazing. Its actually kind of cool to see how people think and work off of one script, and there where tons of people that applied their short films to it, and each one was better than the first. I will participate either way. I liked the themed slightly better cause it gets the creative juices flowing, but maybe RobertoOrtiz can throw in a script here and there just to see what happens. two minutes aint hard that roughly two pages of dialogue.



Maybe it would be better if we have a new topic where to put our ideas.

  • 2 persons are involved in a chase


I couldn’t help but read all the posts…great stuff! Attached is a short script if anyone cares to use it at some point if it’s decided to go with the single script idea. The script is only 3 1/2 pages but I think it can be shot in a couple of minutes.


“I think, therefore, my head hurts.” – albert barrera, 2005.


Topics, topics! :bounce:

Here´s my brainstorming:

once again:
-dead man walking
-the fight

-the job (oO :wink: )
-antihero (I´m so f**ing bored of hero-movies, you guys can´t imagine)

still my fav.:
-a SLIPPER STORY (see description bellow)

uhm… Roberto? Can you give us some status update? What´s up up there?

peace, pete


Here are a few topics:

  • Angels
  • Bad news
  • There was someone
  • Corridor
  • Fear
  • The prayer
  • I’m alive and you’re dead
  • Paradise

Ok I stop here or it’ll stop making sense.


There has been lots of good ideas shared regarding Roberto’s proposal so far. Let me chime in by distilling all the good stuff into something realistic. My gut feeling is that we need to keep this simple… at least in its inaugural first challenge.

So here’s what I propose. 1 award per month. Reasoning: I don’t think there’ll be a huge number of submissions initially and having tons of categories doesn’t make sense without lots of entries. As mentioned by someone already, we can then choose a Best of the Year award after 12 months worth of winners have been determined.

Also, I propose a common theme/object/scenario without restriction on genre each month. The idea is to have a common theme that everyone can riff on for any given month, and the fun of it is seeing all the variations on that particular theme… expressed in any genre. So imagine a boy-meets-girl-boy-gets-dumped-by-girl theme in horror, comedy, action, slasher genres. It’d be a blast to see all the variations of that!

Also, max 2 minutes in 1 month is realistic. From experience, we’ve all learned that constraints are good. They often force us to be more succinct and creative in getting an idea across w/ limited time and resources… it’s what the industry calls “economy of expression.” That’s why 30-sec & 60-sec commercials are often very creative and enjoyable.

I see Roberto’s proposal as monthly excercises for all of us to incrementally sharpen each other knives. So we should be encouraging this type of consistent participation… whether you’re producing or critiquing and learning each month… rather than thinking these are epics and marathons to be done once or twice a year. Let’s shoot for realistic incremental goals here.

Some themes off top of my head:

  • why men & women are so different
  • a big misunderstanding and its consequences
  • “divine” intervention
  • ooooops!
  • boy meets girl, #@&@@ happens!
  • ultimate irony
  • ultimate truism
  • the big “chase”
  • Murphy’s Law

Lastly, I’ll just say that a cool mid-to-long-term goal would be for us to hold a contest in the Screenwriting forum. Then the winner or top 3 winning short scripts would then be produced by those in this directing/editing forum. That would be a fantastic display of inter-forum collaboration and synergy.



So when do we get a special forum in here for this contest? I am excited:)



It will be right here…
I am trying to get the ball running for a test run for next month.



great! i look forward to it.



Ditto for me to!


Sounds awesome. It’s a great time to start too. Summer is starting up which means I should have a lot of time to make something good. Also, I’m getting a new computer in the middle of June (AMD64X2 4400:drool:) so it will be nice to put it to some good use.


More topics…
[li]A mini doc on a landmark in your town[/li][li]The knife fight[/li][li]The phone call[/li][li]The robot[/li][li]The old house[/li][li]The river[/li]
And these two are more ambitious…
(we will work in Collab with the FXWARS & Daily Sketch Group…more later)
[li]Death of a Giant Killer Robot[/li][li]We interrupt our Broadcast[/li][li]Time[/li][/ul]-R


Here’s my script:


I made a few tests and have scene files and most object files, but no time to make this, so if someone else uses LightWave, or wants to re-rig the objects, I think it could qualify for the misunderstood giant killer robot category.