Not a bad idea. Seems like a very short time to do anything very good though.


I am probably going against many people with this post, but I think that there should only be one award, best picture. Maybe I miss read some of the other posts (wouldn’t be the first time!).
Ideally I think there should be one award a month, the best film gets honors. At the end of the year take all of the monthly winners and have a contest between them. Maybe then pick out who will get the award for best director and so on and so fourth. Just thought I would throw my idea into the pile. Let me know what you think. I am very excited about this…


great idea ! count me in !

i also support Cpt Spalding in only giving out 1 award ( and maybe just adding a runnerup or 2 )


OK how about if we give ONE AWARD, but we decided based on a scoring system that taken in consideration things like Cinematography, Direction, Editing, VFX(if any), Music and Sound Editing?



Isn’t this how it (more or less) already works?
I mean that in the original awards list there was “best overall entry” and this worked for me. Also because it’s more fair to award who deserve it in a special subject and not in others.

I think that there are not too many awards because not everyone must have an award, maybe two awards goes to the same person and if everyone get an award well this mean that every single entry deserved an award, in different category obiouvsly so it isn’t that everyone is leveled to the others.

“best overall entry” is the award that count in the end because it means that you have mastered all (or almost all) the aspect of making the film.
Giving only one award can lead to the mistake of award a short that maybe is perfect technically but poor in the idea or viceversa, with the list that we have discussed above there is still the “best overall entry” compromise but also more specific awards.

In the end I think we are close each other to the same idea, for me it’s ok how we stated some post ago.


I believe that the scoring system RobertoOrtiz mentioned is a great idea…for one award. A month is a very short time, and putting too much emphasis with other awards I feel detracts from the main objective, the best short film. If we take into consideration a scoring system, and talley points based on the above mentioned criteria, I do not think a mistake will be made regarding the best short film for that month. Lets not be overly complicated, this is a simple idea with one objective. Maybe limiting the contest to one award will spark a higher “creative competition” among the contestants. Everyone fighting with one goal in mind…
…Maybe even put it up to a vote. See how many people would rather do one award then multiple. I don’t know, its just an idea.


I’ve been following this thread and the more I read it the more interested I become :slight_smile: The idea of monthly short movie challenge is great.

What comes to award thingy… I vote for 1 award only. If people want more, maybe in the end of the year some other awards like “The Best of 2005 CGTalk Shortfilm Challenge”… directing, cinematography, editin etc…shrughs

oh, and I’m more than interested to take part on this.


There is going to be a post-partum blue period after making a short, and then a couple of weeks later, you realize that there is a finished short on your hard drive.

Award-wise, the cine-clubs seem to have their bashes once a year.

I actually don’t know that I can do this, or pretty much know it’s not possible for me right now.

And me with a finshed script begging to be made…

Incidentally, if any of you are on LightWave and want to collaborate, I was having trouble finding voice talent, which is usually a sign that it’s time to take a break. Maybe we can barter objects for animation, something like that…



One award sounds good to me and I agree with Roberto on the scoring system. yep, yep, let´s do this :slight_smile:

@Pufferfish: I´m looking forward to what you´re producing, dude :wink:

peace, pete


I think this is brilliant, we make a movie once a month it gets scored and gets one award, and that will be like the one movie that gets “produced” that month. then at the end of the year you have like a big award show like the oscars where the 12 or soo “produced” films get the awards they deserve. that is what I got out of it I hope this makes other people understand, that were against it:)


I like the way you think greg



Guys check out this month’s Fx wars to see micro movies done in a month:




:bounce: sign me up!

1 month (hmm) I m working full time (12-14hours/day sometimes weekends) so I d preffer a 2 month challenge but a month is okay!


Roberto, Phill here from C3, one of Norma’s travelling companions.

I remember you mentioning this idea when we were heading into the Rick McCallum spectacular and wanted to through in that I’d be interested in taking part in this one. I think 1 month is more than sufficient for a short 2 minute film.

Sign me up should this move beyond the “testing waters” stage.

Later dude


So what is the next step?
I’m impatient!:drool:


Ok here is the next step people…

If you are interested, post on this thread you intent to participate
and also please start posting topics.

Until then Ill try to get the appropiate permits.



I intent to participate! Can’t wait to start.
Count me in Roberto and thanks for what you do for us.
I’ll think of a few topics and I’ll post them later.


I´m in. I don´t have to promise that I do a short for every challenge, do I? :wink:

I have done a little short a while back (actually it was the first time to use my cam hehe) which I havent shown to anyone as I was like “it´s so bad that it would be a shame”, but as I watched it yesterday after that long time, I was like:
Damn, that´s so funny. Here´s the topic:

  • A Slipper-Story

I think everyone has some slippers at home. Let´s make em talk or just play around with them. Is this too crazy? Yes it is :twisted:

peace, pete


Im in when do we start?

Ps. what format should the final be? (mov, Dvd , avi ?)


I intent to partecipate! :applause::buttrock:

Now I go thinking something to post!:thumbsup: