Counter question: how long is the entry / deadline for an FX challenge? One of the 3D contest where a quicktime video is submitted?

Granted, you don’t have to model everything in a film / video contest, but still, work needs to be done.



What about music? Could we at least “borrow” from an existing movie soundtrack?

Resources for sound FX?



I think one month is perfect and the genre should be open IMO. The more you leave room to imagination, the more original the films will be.

Sillver Bullit, you can find a lot of royalty free music on the web. There plenty of net label under the creative common licence.



Hey guys, El Mariachi was shot in a two weeks and it´s a 70 minutes long. In 30 days you can shoot a feature with ease and we are talking about short-movies. So where is the problem? I agree with Igor on the topic. Let´s do it! Maybe we get some professional filmmakers drop by if we´re creative enough…

peace, pete


Some cathegories for awards that I had in mind are:

Best Overall Entry
Best Entry under 5 min
Best Entry over 5 min
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Screenplay (if any, the stories might be silent)
Best VFX (if any))


:argh: 5 minutes? Last I heard was 1-2 minutes.

I like the idea of not specifying a genre but rather a topic. I think it might be really interesting to see how people might approach a concept like “Two people fall in love on the eve of disaster” in terms of both story and genre. Someone might do a ‘documentary’ about Pompae, someone else an alien attack on earth in 2055, and yet another person might make a romantic night before the wedding comedy.


best script/story
best directing
best original music (if any)

honor mentions (at your pleasure)

question: what is the meaning for “screenplay” i thought it was a synonym for “script” (more or less)


I agree with velk…free genre. You could be surprised of what one can think (urban western, noir, propaganda, sexy comedy, 50s sci-fi…). Maybe we can make an updatable list of genres so if someone don’t have inspiration can take a look.


Roberto: Yep, I´d take those.

Velk: It´s not exactly 5 min, but under 5 min. 1-2 are in that category. :slight_smile:

ZakkoS: best script/story=best screenplay,
best directing=best cinematography. :slight_smile:

I wouldn´t give any award for music or sound. C´mon guys, let´s do this!

peace, pete


Pete I was refering to the over 5 category :slight_smile: and anyway I was just playing around, its actually easier to tell a good story with a little looser time frame (if your confused just remember the Under 5 second movies that Cadillac sponsered). I agree let do it!


so what’s the meaning of
Best Screenplay (if any, the stories might be silent)
even with silent films a script is required

         best directing=best cinematography.  :)

maybe is just a language problem but i disagree with that

cinematography is what a d.o.p. do (lights, camera settings, etc)
directing is what a director do (select the pov, supervising actors job, etc)


Point made…

How about:
Best Directing
Best Cinematography



Sounds good to me.


One difficulty surprised me as I was making my first film. It’s directing actors. It’s incredible how you can obtain a bad performance from a good actor. I think we should have a category for that.
Also maybe it would be wise to have two seperate categories for sfx: one for “on set” effects (such as gore effects, explosions…) and one for digital effects.
There is one thing we must consider though. What if there is only one single film with say digital effects? It will win by default. Does it make sense to have that category in that case?
Maybe we could group the categories in order to have something like:
Main Awards

  • Film of the Month
  • Best Script (whether it’s silent or not shouldn’t be a problem, there is still a story)
  • Best Direction of Actors
  • Best Photography
  • Best Editing
    (- Best Camera Work… not sure about this one)

Special Mention

  • Best Digital Effects
  • Best On set special Effects
  • Best Original Music
  • Funniest Film
  • Most Poetic Film
  • And so on and so forth
    We could find a lot of special mention that wouldn’t be considered as a award, yet rewarding to the artist.

Just a thought.
I agree with what has been said any way.
Can’t wait to start :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m with Igor

  • Best Camera Work

with this you mean things like pov, movements, etc?
If it’s like that (a division between directing actors and directing where and how the camera looks) i’m totally with you.


Yes that’s exactly what I meant by Camera Work. I wasn’t sure if it’s needed but if everyone agrees…


I think we are making this harder than it should be.

Film Editing
Best Picture
Visual Effects

I pulled these right off the Academy Awards site and it should be pretty obvious what they are for. Cinematography is for the d.o.p. and Directing leans more towards the handling of the overall scope including actors.


For me its ok…for me was important only to divide cinematography and directing (the whole directing act). I still think music can have an award.


Doh! :banghead: Of course I would forget one.


ZaKKoS: You´re right.

The only problem with having too many awards is, that (as I guess there´s not gonna be too many pictures at the first challenges), almost everybody´s gonna win an award. It´s like there were a 100 runner ups on the master and servant challenge. I think we just should develop this slowly and that´s why I´d put cinematography and directing together first. But let us the majority (or Roberto) decide. I´m totally neutral in this.

For animations I´d do an extra-award. Simply “Best animation”.

peace, pete