whta do you mean by PLUG???

… ohhh and I cant wait for it…


By plug is that I need more quiet.
It will be the same as any other mini challenge,
but it will not havea frontpage plug.



Awesome! I’m going to try and jam this into my schedule—especially since I just bought a bunch of new tools.


ahh ok. such a plug…

ok waiting for tonight…


2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!_Challenge 4: "Cute Girl is up.



Nice to see that the hardcore fans are still here :thumbsup: (btw how are you doing?)

Too bad i only saw today that the challenge is up again :sad:

But hey, good luck to everyone. Maybe i’ll join the challenge next time!


what happened to the film challenges?


Honestly, a lack of interest.


it’s a shame, if the competition was known to more people, I’m sure a lot more would enter


“a lack of interest” no no no… i am interested, and i think more will come…
we just need to encourage people…


the last active post on the subject was almost 2 years ago…

Yeah, I think lack of interest is a pretty accurate description.


the last active post on the subject was almost 2 years ago…

Yeah, I think lack of interest is a pretty accurate description.

yeah… may be you are right,
but what about the people who are really interested, who really want to show and improve there film direction skills, i know the number is very less but still i thing we should give them a chance to show there talent.


are there anyone know what is the best resouces for beginner editing? resources that I can find on the net. about the concept of editing and terms

Thank you


I’m a bit late to the party (call me Richter), but I’d like to see a 2-minute film challenge, perhaps twice a month.

The trick is to limit the subject matter/setting/characters similar to a 24- and 48-hour film format, but not imposing those limits. By simplifying the elements, filmmakers can focus more the writing, acting or editing/post.

The interest might be waning because this site is more focused on CG, but that certainly includes live-action. It would be even greater if modelers and filmmakers/compositors could collaborate. The only limitation would be determining the creative uses for the CG creation (rendered still image, animation, etc.).


Hello all,

I’m a recent addition to the CG world and had a particular question, but wasn’t quite sure where to post:

In the video-game environment, as well as the world of cinema, is there a particular position/title/area that deals primarily with choreography or the way that the characters will move/ fight/ interact with their environment?

I have been exceedingly focused in the area of fight choreography and how the characters move and interact with their environment…even down to a psychological level. I have a lot of interesting ideas that I would like to try out with some other animators, however, I’m not exactly sure where I would fit in as a position within an animation studio/group. I don’t readily know if there is such a thing as a ‘fight scene choreographer’ or something that deals with how an event in the storyboard would unfold, other than a storyboard artist.

I am asking you, the members of this forum to kindly guide me in the right direction if you happen to know that answer. Any details or specifics would be greatly appreciated. I’m really passionate and motivated about seeing my ideas come to fruition, but as the saying goes…your ideas are only as good as your team.

Thank you for your time!



I think it would be a very interesting idea but it seems pretty clear based on the fading of this thread that it isn’t popular enough as is. What if the time and concept was thoroughly shortened and we found a way to integrate more of the community. Something like a basic concept presented each month and then people would find a way to express that concept. I know my idea might branch off of film making a bit in order to meet a larger audience of interest but in our cgsociety community that might be what is needed until that specific of a sub group becomes more present. So for example here is how a challenge could work:

The moderator posts a spontaneous subject “Teddy Bear Warfare”
-30 second film /animation

Members have until the 1st of the next month to submit links to finished animations or films showing their idea and interpretation of the subject presented by the moderator.

I think this could be linked through different forums between wips for modeling, animating, painting, etc. It would be really awesome if something like that could kick off to flood all the forums with more posts related to their overall concepts of a short film.

This is merely a random thought that popped in my head to get some creativity and activity swirling around our forums. The 2 minute timeline just seemed a tad long considering the varying lifestyles of users, some it might be easy but for others working full time and with families not so much.