2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!THE BIGCHASE :NationalAnthem (animated)


alright… I’ve been wanting to do a short for a while now and here is a reason.

…ha this is crazy…
I’m not promising I can pull this off in a month but I can try. lets see what happens…

storyboard and shot list ASAP!

PS… with a title like this, you know its got to be a futuristic bank robbery.


This has nothing to do with you film (good luck with that by the way)… but I love your website!!! the trees are great!!!.


So far, it’s just the two of us that committed to attempt an animated short amongst a group of motivated film directors. I wish you the best of luck and error-free rendering. Speaking of rendering… will your project be 2D or 3D?


hey thanks, you too.

…this is going to be “whatever works 3D” has i like to call it.
Lots of mat painting BG’s
lots of photo refrence
lots of…whatever works I guess.

for rendering I will be using a 65 unit sun cluster renderfarm supplied by my work place (it has no que’s lined up untill augest and is just sitting there anyhow) :applause: so lucky for me render time will be just about nonexistant. …which is good because I will need alll the time I can get.

full storyboard is comming soon


Three of us. My animation WIP thread is http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=249069



alright guys, as far as story and structure goes I want to keep this thing very simple. Just having some fun and blowing off some 3D steam.

I tried to develop the story with being finished in 30 days in mind…

bank is robbed
the robbers are chased
clever punchline ending. (I’m not telling you yet)

haha, very deep, I know… but it leaves time to make things expload

2 robbers come out of the bank, bags with dollars on them… money flying into the air… the cops are waiting outside. They jump into a car and take off, cops follow.

cool chase through a cool city (that gives me the opp to work on some matte painting) oo’s and ah’s, stuff exploads, they turn right into the middle of… some busy event (that I can hack without using a crazy crowd simulation, some compositing and clever camera trix) …they lose the cops, park the car. “whew we are safe”

clever punchline ending. …I’m still not telling you yet. You laugh and go see what else is on tv.

storyboards very soon.


Sorry about that, I didn’t see your listing until after I posted that reply. You are progressing nicely on your thread and you appear you be balancing the amount of workload to produce the final work on time. :slight_smile:

For all that power you have, I got the complete opposite. LOL. I got a single rendering machine and a laptop for modeling/texturing work. Anyway, the goal is to make the best that we can given our resources…it’s all about compromise for what I want to do veruses what I am able to do under a tight deadline. I look forward to seeing your WIPs.


Sounds fun! Man - enjoy the rendering luxuries!

I like your conceptual of the bank. I guess there’s nothing to critique yet - except good luck on beating the deadline and have fun!



Good concept so far. I hope you’ll make it in time.
I wish you luck.


uhg… so im a lot farther ahead then I lead on.

it’s just that I have so little time to work on this and even less time to be updating once I get into it.

so here are some story boards…


All right well… If im going to do something I want to do something that is not half @ssed… so since timing for this project is horrific I will be focusing only on scene #1 or turned scene one into a chase scene in its self… however you want to look at it. (I hope you guys don’t throw tomatoes at me or anything)

For me, these SB’s are a perfect break down of the scene. I know exactly what to focus on.

-I know what will be a matte painted.

-camera shots are isolated and locked

-I can get a nice environment without having to build a huge set.

-I will be using simple refrenced characters that can be updated later.

I am thinking of this as an excise in time managment.

-I will create a rough block set of the scene with camera movements locked and pass it off to my animator, this way the set can be dressed and light while the animation is being produced.

-a simple referenced character will be used. This way, a more detailed model can be created at the same time animation is being created.

-set and characters will be rendered in separate passes.


I know that you would be using some high-powered equipment for this, but I didn’t know that it is a group effort. How many people are working on your short?



just bringing my 1 friend on board for character animation.



finaly… I would really like some feed back. What do you guys think of this? I am kind of unsure about timing and such. Any oppinion or crit you guys have would be a great help.


Also… I designed a car- but I dont liek the style at all, I think i might ditch it and just keep the flashing lights on a new design. Check the link below



hey Scott,

yeah, the car looks pretty retro (not really what the animatic led me to expect -i was expecting something more modern, even futuristic) but i don’t see this as a problem; imo, it would add to the surprise when the cars start flying)

overall, the animatic reads pretty well to me. however, i don’t fully understand the angle of shot #2: the camera has to be on the balcony (somewhere to the bankrobbers right, as they are first coming out of the bank), right? During shot #2, they turn and face the camera and there is a building immediately to their right (our left) -for me this lends itself to the idea that they haven’t ran as far as shot #1 would suggest, because in shot #! it seems they have run PAST the buildings and out onto the balcony/bridge thing. and when they jump into the getaway car, i see no sign of this building in those shots either

i could very well be reading this wrong but i’ve watched it 8 times and that’s what i keep coming up with. it’s not the end of the world either; it doesn’t ruin the movie for me -your overall shot sequence, sense of action, timing, and anticipation work great for me. i think you’ve got a great piece going here.


so were the flying cars your surprise ending, or is there more?


Personally, I love the police car. Maybe remove the wheels since it is a hover car. Maybe the wheels fold in and hide while in “hover mode” and then fold out when the car is in “terrain mode”. :buttrock:

[color=red]quote - “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again until you get it through your thick skull that it can’t be done!”[/color] – albert barrera, 2005


Great boards and sets! This is definately an exciting one to see come to fruition. Again, as I’ve said to everyone, good luck with the deadline. 3 weeks left. Oy vey. (I say that out of my own self conscious fears).

I love the car! :bounce:

Keep up the great work!


very cool guys


wow, thanks for the great advice and replies.

I totaly agree with you jammin… the building just adds confusion. I will
fix this problem in the matte painting. I think the rest will work it’s self
out when I replace those blocks with decently animated characters.

I’m glad some of you like the car… but I agree with jammin. I was
definetly pushing this thing in a modern direction ( but not nessasaraly
“futuristic” )

that car was something I built fast to shelf the flashing lights, which was
what I was focusing on. The cr is getting ditched and replaced with
something a little sleeker.

color studies and modles coming very soon


I’m beefing up the set right now…

meanwhile my partner is animating the characters using the cameras and basic set provided in the animatics.
We are using the basic IKjoe rig and bringing it into the scene as a refrence. this way, although there is not enough time to really focus on good character design/modeling/rigging within the month long project, we can make the deadline with a nice finished result and replace the default character with a more refined one later on when there is adiquate time. I do this because I am most interested in texturing, environment, post, and direction of the piece as a whole.

-cameras are locked
-action is locked
-set is locked

…all there is to do now is dress, light, and texture the set while the animation is being done

light and textured images are coming very soon.


looking good man, i hope you have no problems with the character animations because that part can be abit hard.

you seem to have everything planned out well.

can’t wait to see the characters, texturing and lighting !