2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!_Challenge 4: "Cute Girl


Hey everyone! I noticed this entry, and I thought to myself “this is a really good one, I must check it out” but I couldn’t find any link to the artworks that entered the competition, not to mention its outcome. Sorry for being such a noob, I must have missed the links, any help will be greatly appreciated.


Sadly there aren’t many contestants… Although the 2 Minute Filmclub is an awesome concept it doesn’t seem to keep living. Mostly because everybody is busy (like me) and don’t have the time to finish it on time. I really wanted to participate but couldn’t time manage it properly so I had to leave it for what it was…

Edit: So no need for feeling a noob… we are all here to learn, help and participate.


Amen to that…

There has to be a way we can make this concept work…


What if it was renamed The 30 Second Film Club? 2-minutes is a lot harder than it sounds - and contestants can spend more time making a higher quality 30 seconds instead of stretching their efforts out over a potentially overwhelming 2 minutes in only four weeks?


Well I think you might be On to something.

I just invested into a Canon hv20 camera and I have been itching to do film material with it.



MAybe it is cooler, if you go for the 30 second shorts, to do it commercial-style. Just make an fake commercial about something… Sounds fun to me…


30 seconds would be cool—you can do a ton in that amount of time.


A couple of things to make this work:

[li]Keep it simple: Do simple topics first to encourage participation[/li][li]Allow users fromm all stripes: from Prousers to a guy with a cellphone camera[/li][li]30 seconds: great idea guys[/li][li]Do now and then educational topics (For example: 3 light setup/ Pretty lady/Outdoors etc)[/li][li]Use YouTube as a Resource[/li][/ul]In other words the CORE things we are Trying to learn/practice two things: cinematography & Editing


Roberto maybe have a simple prop that is required for each project—like a soda can or bottle one time and figurine the next. Seeing how people use an object like that could be a lot of fun.


These sound nifty! I love ambiguous topics like, “Not enough crayons for everyone.”

“Try Dry Frogs” “You Can Use Bamboo As A Ruler” “Rosemary In my Soup”


Great ideas.
But before we start I want to do an asset tracking thread (who has what).
We should ask people to RECORD something over a weekend.

Just to start some momentum in the forum.

We could do Something like…

[li]The bridge…[/li][li]or The church[/li][li]or the Malll[/li][/ul]-R


Unfortunately I have no access to a decent camera. But I’d love to do some boards over the weekend.


Do you have access to a DIGITAL film camera that can record clips?



this sounds like fun.



i’m following this very closely :slight_smile: this might become something fun!


I would love to try some stuff myself. Never been really into film editing before (only some the simple stuff). A cousin of me is educating for a cameraman and he wanted to shoot some with me. So I guess you can count me in… I (really) hope…

[edit]Rickmeister, Almere is a little bit far away, but maybe we could cooperate if we would have to make teams (so we can speak dutch, since thats still easier for me)[/edit]

[edit]Maybe its a good idea to get this thing going asap since we now get the holidays (so having more time)[/edit]


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