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I like to make backgrounds and logo’s. My logo ideas are hard to come up with, but when i do I am happy with them. I would like some critiques on these overlays I made.

Starcaft 2 Overlay

This is for the Professional German Starcraft II Team Sgeht Gaming. All the white space contains vital in-game information. The black box on the gear/robotic arm will contain the players webcam. The Black box above “Player Name Here” will contain scrolling/animated sponsor logo’s. I was going for a grungy/metallic feel for this image. I think the texture and overlay colors that were chosen for this image grasped the feel i wanted. I would like your opinions on this to see what you all think and see if there is lighting/shading issues, or anything major wrong with it.
HD/Fullsized Link http://i.imgur.com/ZkJjY.jpg

Twitch.tv Background

This is a Twitch.tv Background for a streamer. With the “Sgeht” ovelay i used a “clip” on style metallic box, and I wanted to go with the same feel here. He did not have any other information to add to this. I am thinking I should have put something on the bottom right to balance it out, but once he gets his streaming window on it I am hoping it balances out nice. Again just looking for opinions/what i should have done better!
HD/Fullsize link http://i.imgur.com/Sjsww.jpg?1

Thanks for looking!


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