2 days before deadline


Anyone knows something that will keep you working after 48 hours? We have a deadline the day after tommorow to deliever a music video. Everything is going on time, but two of our guys are sick so Im in the office for the past 48 hours doing a two man job, plus I have to speak with the customer, as Im the owner of the compan as well… Errrr… Redbull, those tablets with genseng, cofee,tee - honthing helps. Do not offer Cocaine =)))

Jackdeth - you should know the storyy =)


Power naps followed immidiatly by 2 cans of Red bull, but they can backfire if your alarm clock doesnt do enough to wake you, as you won’t wake up till you naturally wake up.


i think anything stronger than the things you mentioned would be going into perscription drugs. a few pills’ names come to mind, but i won’t recommend them … as they are illegal, not to mention bad for your health :slight_smile:

drink more redbull, but personally i think powerhorse is more powerful.


Power naps are a definite survival tip. Just for 30 minutes or so. I usually find that taking a vitamin booster (especially vitamin B12) just after waking really puts me back into the swing :slight_smile: Good luck!


guronsan, power naps, cold showers


run around the office, push ups, sit ups, get the blood flowing. It works really great, then after an hour or so go with the red bull. Best of luck.


Crack pipe? :slight_smile:

Eat lots of smaller, spaced out meals. Redbull only works to a point, and after that it will make you run into the bathroom every 10 minutes doing #1 and #2. Play loud music, and always keep some other human around you. By yourself you will pass out and wake up after the deadline.

What usually gets me going is the cold feel of the clients gun at the back of my skull pressing deep into the flesh. Call me a sicko, but I love the pressure of being in a impossible situation with no hope, only to rise up and save the day. Nothing can match that feeling. Its either death and lawsuits, or cash and glory. There is no prize for finishing second place…


4 Days straight awake…u want to know the secret. Go to a coffee store near u. Ask them for a can Nescafe Frappe. Go to the office take a glass of water — 2 strong spoons -1 sugar- - put one spoon of water – close top of glass and shake it baby — put ice- put water up to the top - drink it — sleep after 5 days…lol

Oh…don’t look to the mirror after the first 3 days …it’s not u …it’s NAZGOUL!!!


I found going and kicking a football around for 15 minutes and keeping James Brown’s “In a Jungle Groove” album on high volume constantly got me through. That and lots of vitamins and pizza. Not a lifestyle I’d recommend for protracted periods but when you need instant energy…

All the best,



it’s all about what your body can take…try caffeine, light exercise, and make sure and eat every 2 hours. But remember that the harder you push yourself, the harder you will crash. Good luck with your deadline, and those guys must be really really sick to bail 2 days before delivery.


Yeah, what DimitrisLiatsos said. Frappe coffee is the strongest of them all! If only you could find a Greek market somewhere nearby… But for the best results you should dring it plain. no sugar no milk. Make sure your stomach is not empty, and have some pills ready if you get a headache. Realy strong stuff but it does the job. :slight_smile:


didnt know about power naps. I asked my wife to come to the office to serve as a “power-nap-alarm-clock” and it worked great + redbull. And good 3 hours of sleep this night also helped alot. We are puting the thing through final comp render (6020frames) and hopefully it will be ready by tommorow. I think there was a time to render two actually.


Ohh and this also helps: http://www.digitallyimported.com/mp3/chillout96k.pls


hey DSedov, i was starting to get worried, you didn’t reply for several hours, i thought you crashed, anyways i’m glad you’re feeling more energetic, and good luck with the deadline


Funnily enough_i have just been through this exact same thing. :slight_smile:

I have a presentation due for tomorrow (2 Visuals of a reasturant) that I have been working on slowly for one week, and then all my time in the second week. I was putting the finishing touches in on Sunday, and ‘events unfolded’, and basically, my HD crashed. I lost everything, and would have lost the client if it wasnt for heavy, loud trance music, coffee, coke, and biltong (dried meat…South African style!)

I cant power nap, because I am a VERY heavy sleeper.

I pulled a 40 hour marathon (after not sleeping to much on the friday/saturday/sunday weekend), had a 5 hour sleep, and got the work to the printers at !6:00 today.

So it can be done! :wink:


Planning/Updating with clients, coordinating workers and personaly working on the project can be a tough gig. Your on time which is great!

Disconnect from the process and walk or run outside and take in some deep breaths to get the circulation going, especialy if you feel more mechanical less methodical. I pace so much when Im thinking drinking my coffee that people in the next building have to wonder if I am going mad. Other than that I always crank the music up and brew coffee and drink it black. I don’t think my coffee is suitable for human consumption.



When you feel the knaw of exhaustion crawing up behind your neck…turn away from the monitor and scream (or deep heavy breathes if your next to co-workers) and do 10 push-ups. By that time your eyes should have adjusted from the blur, your heart should be pumping from the self induced adinaline.
And formost. Be resentful and hateful towards yourself. It makes beating the deadline oh so much more rewarding after the self pity.


Tea and random hackey-sack. People alway help. Nothing makes a deadline worse than just you and a screen for 2 days. Alone time for 3 hour spurts is fine, but you need that human contact for energising goodness.

And presents. A “Yes I did it, I’m so kickass” present after the deadline keeps you motivated and alert before it. :smiley:


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