2-D Animation: Graffiti Boy


I am not a professional animator. I work in digital marketing in an e-commerce company in India. In my free time I made this animation.


people around me liked it and i am looking for suggestions from more experienced animators in improving it. I used wacom bamboo fun to draw and After Effect to compose it. please do suggest technical/creative ways to make it better as we want to take it to various media platforms including TV.

Chandan Kumar


I enjoyed your story, maybe consider trying a different way of displaying the text. Looked like you were going for a “write on each word” effect. But I think it keeps the viewers interest throughout, which I guess is the most important thing.


Thanx Harley for your input.
You guessed right, write on effect was to kep audience interested. Maybe, i could have made the copy a little more tight.


Well to tell you the truth, what I was refering to was how captivating your actual story was, not the titling. The way you told the story, both creatively and artistically is what will no doubt keep your viewers attention, doesn’t matter what text or text effects you would choose.

Sometimes I have found text effects, actually take away the viewers attention from what you really want them to focus on. I fully understand though that you needed text to help tell your story.


Glad that you liked the story.


hey i really enjoyed the animation… iits kinda endearing.:applause:


hey…thanx doctor… glad that you liked it


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