2.5 Released!


Awesome to see Silo getting some of the love it deserves!
Keep it up!

Maybe I missed something but, I don’t see a download for Linux - Is the Linux release lagging behind?
Will there be a Linux version?


Indeed! Glad to see the little modeler that could back in action.
Is there a way to keep the Numerical Editor values (rotation and scaling) constant instead of zeroing them after an action?



Yup. I just re-purchased (have the Steam version…figured I’d support Nevercenter directly this time). First impressions…Sweet update guys! :smiley:

Now, if they could just implement AMD ProRender and nVidia IRay for nice, AO’ed “grey-clay” shots that’d rock! :slight_smile:


From the the release notes:

    Many error messages moved to pop-ups to make it more apparent when something goes wrong.

Please put it back how it was. This somewhat interferes with the Zen :]


Or, at least make it an option that can be turned off.


It would be great to have it possible to set up the Scene Editor with Layers instead of one big object list. Being able to group objects is nice but I love how Max allows me to group objects in layers and be able to turn off visibility, contract or expand it when needed. The contract/expand option is wonderful when you have a scene with a great many objects. I worked in the cad world for a long time and layers were essential to maintain organization of drawings and drawing objects.

One scene I have been working on has well over 140 objects. Scrolling through that many objects can really break continuity and it is easy to miss the one object you need. It would really speed up my progress if I could create layers for it to be able to access things easier. Groups, while useful, does not allow me to see what objects are part of it.


Silo for Linux is still available, but is not actively being developed.

Unfortunately, the demand for Silo on Linux systems was simply too low (about 1.5% of Silo installs) to make continued Linux development feasible. So in order to continue Silo development, we’ve had to take Linux out of active development (and also discontinue support for 32-bit Windows systems). However, Silo 2.3 for Linux is, and will continue to be, available on the Silo Downloads page at http://nevercenter.com/silo/download_file/#otherdls

Our apologies everyone affected by this!


We’ve had a bunch of reports that the popups are distracting–thanks for the feedback! We’re looking into adding a preference to change this.


Thanks for letting me know. It’s a bit sad but, understandable. I can live with it if the focus on 2 platforms leads to more frequent updates and improved features. I’m encouraged that under the hood work is being done. Feels like the foundation for something greater is being built!


Will there be any chance of including the option for plugins?


Hey Nevercenter team, this is a great update!
Thanks for the love and good luck on the future of Silo!


I had to revert to 2.3
2.5.1 gave me a white screen.
I sent them an email about it though.


You didn’t learn anything did you ? How about you don’t look into it but admit it was bad idea and remove it. Kill your ego and stop being drama queens. Shit, I’m too old for this ‘power games’.


We just set a new update live that should fix this white screen issue–you can get it at http://nevercenter.com/silo/download_file

Love to hear how it works for you!


How long does the $99 dollar launch sale last ?


Ha. A trickier question to answer than you might think. :wink: I don’t want to post an “official” timeline here because that’s somewhat TBD and could change (and I’m not in charge of that decision), but it will probably last for at least a week more, depending on response/how things are going. Our launch sales usually last a few weeks.



Hi RRambo,

Sorry, I’m really not trying any sort of power game. :frowning: Maybe my words indicated something I didn’t mean. I was trying to indicate the direction we were looking into fixing this for you, not that we were considering whether or not your feedback was important. It is important! And we value it.

One reason we added that popup feature in is because some users were struggling to realize that usage errors were happening–they simply weren’t seeing the discreet error messages down in the activity bar. This led to frustrated people writing in to support, not understanding what was going on. So now this subset of users definitely understands what error is happening, and we’re hoping this will help relieve their frustration.

That said, it’s clear that the popups are annoying and unwanted for another subset of Silo users. We totally get that and want Silo to be useful and have the flow/speed it used to. We want to fix this.

So, while one option would just be to turn it off, it would be nice if we could have both options available, possibly via Preferences setting. Since we haven’t done that before, I didn’t want to promise we could make that happen. Maybe we will just revert to no popups. But I can say that we are working now to find a solution that will work for everyone.

Hope this helps clarify!



Hm. Plugin support is something that we haven’t looked at in a long time. I want to answer this but am not sure where our current plans our at–let me run it by the team and get back to you.


I logged into Steam today and saw that Silo was on the list of applications downloading updates and was like, wait a minute, what? What??

I’m delighted you folks are returning your attention to Silo because I love it to bits. If you decide to do like a Patreon or set up an Allegorithmic-style monthly subscription model to fund continued development, I’m there in a heartbeat. Can’t wait to see what you do with the program next.


No to subscription models. Keep it as a paid app.
With some more tools, this could be quite a good app to have around.
People will buy it if they see it’s going in the right direction.