1st Mini Challenge Info


This thread is for all question and answers for the first DWIV mini challenge (starting February 20th). It would be best if you subscribed to this thread so that you are up to date on any info written herein.

What is a mini challenge and how it works?

When the mini challenge starts, there will be 2 threads created by me, one for 3D and the other for 2D. Within these threads, artists must post all their work. They cannot make a thread of their own. For an example take a look on how we did the Mini Game Art Challenges [link]. Use this thread to get feedback on your work from fellow artists. You will also post your final art here and when it’s time to submit, i will post a link for you to submit your work to the DWIV homepage for judging.

Duration: February 20th till March 2nd - 9 days. From Friday morning to a Monday night.

Voting: 4 days - March 5th to March 8th

Top 5’s Announced: Monday March 9th - The first mini is now over. Top 5 artists will be put into a pool and after official judging, a grand champion for that mini topic will be announced in the awards ceremony in early June.

any questions, please post them here.


…and no, it hasn’t started yet. just letting everyone know how it will all go down on the 20th of February.


Mini Challenge #1 - War General Portraits 3D

Mini Challenge #1 - War General Portraits 2D [/b]