1st Creature Concept Critiques and Tech advice please


Hey everyone, thanks for takin the time to check this out :wink:

I am still learning Zbrush and this is the first REAL model I did myself from scratch.

I am open to critiques and advice regarding any aspect.

I also have some questions…

  1. How can I add color to this model? I know how to add textures with alphas and make my own with PS, which I have yet to complete but coloring I have no idea where to start with the idea I have.

  2. How do I change the material on certain specific parts of the model ?

  3. How do I add exterior objects like armor or clothing, if I wanted to ? I have no idea how to make hard edged objects or thin clothing like materials in Zbrush. When I try to add a sphere for an eyeball it just switches the entire image and turns into a sphere, I dont know how to keep the model and ADD the sphere to it.

I DO have maya, photoshop, corel, alchemy, sketchbook, xsi and 3DSmax, if any tips can be offered by using those programs. I am even less familiar with them though as opposed to Zbrush right now.

I am going to make this creature one that lives in a snow desert, where drastic weather changes occur from hot to cold, rapidly. Nesting in caves and underground.

The tail like aspect will be like a tongue with a snake tooth that comes from the center (Not added yet). I was also thinking maybe making it a combination of rattle/scorpion stinger.

The creature also regenerates limbs.

Thank you all. There is so much talent here!


Last shot without polyf


Your design looks pretty interesting, very insect-like. Some things that I would work on:

  1. I don’t see a lot of very distinctive forms from the images. The body, legs, tail, etc are all roughly the same form… slender tube-like structures. The creature has very long legs which would require some distinctive joint sections, musculature, etc.

  2. Similarly, there is no real “focal” point to the design. Everything thus far carries about the same weight and the viewer’s eye isn’t really drawn to any particular aspect of the creature. Think of your creature design as any other traditional piece of art. You want it to have visual appeal, thus you want the viewer to instantly know what he/she should be looking at. One of the principles of animation is exaggeration, both in movement and in form. Say you want this creature to be menacing… what is it about the creature that you want to be most menacing? If it’s the head, then give us a really prominent visual to create that feeling. Draw us in. If, rather, the tail should be the most menacing aspect, the really go overboard and give us something to be afraid of… huge pinchers, spines, etc. Make the appendage the most prominent aspect of the creature.

  3. Weight. Currently the creature looks very light and floaty. The legs don’t looks stressed. I don’t see many joints and none in the long back legs. It almost looks like one of the critters that clowns make out of balloons. It does look like the back end is poised, ready to strike. If that is the intention, make the weight reflect this.

FYI… you’ve only created a zsketch here. Look up a tutorial (youtube has some good tutorials to get you started) about zsketching. I don’t use zsketching much, but I believe you’ll want to create an adaptive skin that you can sculpt on. In order to color the creature, select a base color, go into document and fill object. You can then turn off both ADD and SUB and begin coloring. Use the RGB slider to change the intensity of the color.

Can’t wait to see the final sculpt. Good luck and have fun.


Yea ya know, I actually posted this too early in the process to expect anything more than that kind of advice, which is true I admit. Thank you by the way, you helped remind me of what I have done here.

Here is another image I am working on which is more far along in the design process though still relatively rough.

I changed my major to visual effects and animation / 3d modeling so I am trying to get a head start on next semester :wink:


Another shit of it from the front


Very good honest helpful advice Ive gotten here, I have to thank you all. Very good, makes me think…


Looks interesting.
You should open a thread in the WIP sub-forums.



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