1995 Ford Mustang WIP


Hello Everyone,

I have chosen to model a 1995 Ford Mustang as my first car model. I actually own a 95’ and decided to model this car since I have it as a real life reference. Below are other refererences I have collected as well. It was hard to find a good blueprint for a 95’ Mustang. Luckly, I found a blueprint for a 1994 Ford Mustand GT, which has a very similiar body style. I also took some photographs of the front, side and back of my Mustang.


This is what I have accomplished thus far on the model. I have completed half the body, and am about to move onto the accessories. These would include, lights, ground effects, door handles, spoiler, antenna, mirrors, tires, and possibly the windshield wipers. Before I move on though, I would love any critiques or feedback as to the accuracy, detail, or overall look of the model. Any critiques or feedback are always greatly appreciated.



Not a bad start. Still looks a bit wobbly.

Can you post a few wireframe views?

You might need to even out your edge loops so your trim is of uniform thickness. Your wheel arches need some work too.



Thanks for the feedback AJ. I can definely see the need for improvement on those wheel arches. A fresh set of eyes always helps. Here are some wireframe views. I tried to keep the camera angles as close to the stills below. If you would like a closer shot, or would like to pinpoint a certain area on the model, just let me know and I can post more stills. Keep the feedback coming!



Hey man,

Try to tighen up the edge loops around the trim, and get things as even as possible. Also try to avoid bunching up your edge loops over the wheel arches. It will cause things to smooth unevenly. Sometimes you can ground those off by running them into the arch.

You can use the crease tool under edit mesh to make your trim and bevels a bit tighter and more even.



That’s a good start, well done. I’m not sure the roof shape looks right, seems too rounded front to back compared to the reference pics. This would be the time to get that and any suggestions by other posters looked at before the mesh becomes too complicated. Looking forward to seeing you progress with this.


Hello Everyone!

Just a quick update on the progress of the body. I have made some adjustments based on the feedback I have received. I have gone ahead and deleted some unnecessary edge loops, added creases to sharpen areas, tightened up some corners, especially near the wheel arches, made some adjustments to the wheel arches, and flattened the roof out more. Keep the critiques and feedback coming. I feel this has definely improved.


Looks much better!

Try to apply the same technique to the edge of the body panels that you did to the trim. You can see how as the edge loops get further apart, things smooth more, causing the bevel to look uneven.

Notice how as the edge loops get further and further apart, the bevel stays the same thickness. Try to apply this to the edges of your body panels.



Quick update. Modeled the tread, tire and rim this week. Also, added more creases around the panel edges and modeled ground effects underneath the door panel. Feel free to give any feedback or critiques.



I like how your model is looking! Keep posting :applause:


Hello everyone.

I added the side mirrors and tail lights. Then mirrored the car over. Majority of the car is model, just have to add the antenna and trunk lock. Would love any critiques or feedback. They are always appreciated.


Everything has been modeled and ready for your critiques and feedback. :slight_smile: Below is the updated model with the wireframe included.


Some textures I have been applying to the model. Would love any feedback or critiques.



Here are some occlusion renders of the Mustang.


Here are some updated renders. Feedback and critiques are always appreciated (model, lighting, textures).


Looks good overall, do you plan on adding the Mustang logo and name in the front grill and the rear bumper? Also, I think the tire material needs some work, too dark and hard. I know your working from your own vehicle ref, but better rims would be an improvement.


This has turned out really well, you did a great job of it.


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

As for the logos, that has been one decision I have been tossing back and forth. Originally I was going to leave it modeled without the logos, but the more I think about it, the car may look better with the logos on it. I also agree that the car would look better with another set of rims on it, but since I wanted to keep this model close to an original 95’ Mustang, I decided to stick with the factory rims.


Well done rwasher! I’m going to critique the tire itself and not the rims (you already said you might change the rim). Your tire is currently lifeless and doesn’t bulge out. This usually pertains to high profile tires, like what you have, with a lot of rubber. Because a tire of this size would have about 40 psi + the weight of the car. Take a closer look at your Mustang and you will see this.

If you had, say a 19in rim you could get away with a low profile tire and have barely any rubber. Then you could get away with more stiff and lifeless look because there’s no rubber to bulge out.


Hello everyone,

Decided to start experimenting with some HDRI lighting and wanted to go back and use my Mustang model for this exercise. Critiques are more than welcome.