1978, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: 1978
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Personal work.

Stylised portrait based on Gaylen Ross from the 1978 film “Dawn of the dead”.
She has a really intresting face, and had a kind of sad / worried expression for most of the film, which i tried to recreate.

I wanted to give the image the look and feel of a photograph from the 70s.


Awesome job matey. A subtle departure from your usual style, but really striking. Great expression and excellent likeness. Really loving the hair too :slight_smile: -How are you finding zbrush?


really nice work


I really like the stylized look. Very nice work.:thumbsup:


Nicely done. She looks really worried. I would be too if I were facing zombies. lol


Thanks for the comments, folks. Here are some images of Gaylen Ross’ character in Dawn of the dead. I took the photos while i was watching my Blu ray copy of it.
Hope you can see the resemblance! I really wanted to get that intriguing, bulgy eyed & worried look you can see on the bottom left.

Right click the pic and go to ‘view image’ to see it bigger.


As usual, great look and great work. I saw the reference images and it just confirmed the amazing sensibility you have to capture the essence of the character and emphasize it with a “toony” look.

I still haven’t tried something more stylized, still pursuing the technical virtues through the classic method of realism. But I think the idea for my next still as some potential… :slight_smile:

Anyway, congratulations!


great work as usual Andy, the only I am not sure is the big iris, but that’s just my personal taste

I’d love to see some of your characters animated !


Andy! the master!! Love your work a lot, wonderful lighting and model character! Cheers!


I like this one very much.Very funny and beautiful :thumbsup:


That’s just sooo cool. When I first saw it I thought it was a bit more stylized Tangled character. And I was like that’s kina cool. But then scrolled down to look at your reference, it just really hit me. Very amazing,very nicely done. Maybe just one crit, her tear duct ether feels just a bit too wide or a bit too straight. She actually does have those large tear ducts, but the CG version just doesn’t seem to fir with the rest of the face. But seriously that’s fricken nit picking.


Awesome job. so looks like to the based portrait.



is great job, I love the hair stile and the facial expression, 5 stars for my


You’re so OSOM !
Beautiful Andy :wink:


Very nice caricature portrait! I think you exaggerated all the right features!

Really successful!


I like how soft this whole image feels despite her stress. I think you achieved the subtleties to her look very well. Love the hair!- looks so effortless. Great job!


I love what you did with the hair.
Of course whole image is great. But I’m surprised she’s not posed. I know that it wasn’t problem, your characters always have great poses :envious:, so I guess this is the way you want her to be.
What did you use Zbrush for? Tweaking/smoothing/hardening shapes?


The piece was always meant to be a portrait, so you would only see her upper body. I tried a few poses, such as touching her hair, holding her shoulder, arms folded etc and they looked too forced and unnatural - after all, when people just stand there, they often have their arms at their side. I tilted her backwards, and tilted her head slightly anyway.

I used Zbrush to alter some slight proportions on her face and add detail / creases to her shirt. Im still fairly new to zbrush, so i wasnt confident enough to give it a larger role.


I really loooooove it, Andy!!:buttrock:

Perfect model as usual, the hair and the lips are simply amazing!! :applause:

Niiiiiiice :wink:


Great model. I really like the work on the hair and her eyes. The reflection on the eyes really work up nicely.