1970 Plymouth Fury, Syplenko Denis (3D)


Wow that is just solid, you are very talented artist. Not only your model is flaless but you presented the car very well. So well that I want to go out and buy this car. Have you considered sending these images to Chrysler? I am sure they would be very interested in either buying the images from you or hiring you as a contractor to create other work for them. Just thinking out loud. Awsome work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow I love this !! I love you made it look like the old brochure.
very well done.


Flawless work. 5 stars from me. Great choice in car too.


obviously 5 stars, impressive work dude :applause:


Good old Christine eh… (well not quite)

These renders are classic. The old school black and white render is perfect (it is a render right?). The old school colour renders look photo real too. Nice work.


Wowow… i really, really love that car! and the way you have setting up the render, is just perfect match! this one goes to my favorite top list! Very Nicely done, congrats!
You have win my vote

Keep up the excellent work!


Fantastic! Hope you recieve a award for this great work. Very nice mood and scenery and great atention to detail! Shame that the AA settings seem a bit off in the second to last picture, but that really only is a minor thing. Still, 5* from me! :smiley:


fantastic, great details! I really like the mood of 70s photograph !!!



Stunning - I think you have captured the era flawlessly, and this is portrayed perfectly in your work.

Great angles, stlye (colour tones/DOF & grain) and detail - Especially loving the headlights :slight_smile:

Where’s the “Add to favourites” button… :wink:


Who or what is preventing this from getting 5 stars? Beautiful job. Really impressed with the shaders and the headlight cluster detail. You can tell it’s a labour of love.


awesome work … rating 5/5


very nice rendering


awsome! Best car renders I have seen in years! Love the color/light mood!


Wow, you are a machine! You just keep on spitting out these great photoreal images i such a short time! :slight_smile: Nice work, the 70’s styling is really well done! I have some technical questions! How do you achieve the Bokeh in your renders? Is it done in the post processing (after effects filter?), or is it actually done during rendering in vray? It looks sooo real.


Absolutely amazing!!! Fantastic shots, superb colours!!! Congratulations!!! 5*****


fabulous work mate!beautifully rendered:)


Awesome work…:applause:


Outstanding stuff! Beautiful car, and really nicely presented too - i love the way the lighting and colour treatment reminds me of prints from the 60s and 70s.


Fantastic renders, the over exposure is totally in the mood of 70’s style.
How did you achieve the frontlight glass, is it displacement map? because this render is extrem real… :buttrock:

Late plug, but very well deserved :applause:


Umm. Damn. Thats the sexiest car render i’ve ever seen. Man that car is bad ass. A mans car. All cars today have the same spacey feel(not that I don’t like them).

Awesome work on all the detailing. Congrats. Award is deserved here no doubt.