1970 Plymouth Fury, Syplenko Denis (3D)


Title: 1970 Plymouth Fury
Name: Syplenko Denis
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, VRay

I like this time, even this era. 60-80s its a rise American automobile industry for me, in terms of beauty of form, design if you like. 1970 Plymouth Fury, one of the favorite exhibits of these, almost three-meter cruiser symbolize all the things that I like in cars.
In this work, I am with not a hidden love tried to convey the spirit and atmosphere of the time.
I think you will like it to)

so lot of images here )


Really great renders and model! the old color mood is nice too.:applause:


Beautiful work!

The close ups are particularly excellent.


[left]Wow great work…
it’s so good.I like it


Not really into car renders but this is great!


Absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic attention to detail, but more so - the grading of the images is SOOOO 70’s. You’ve nailed that worn polaroid look 100%.
Amazing :slight_smile:



Just perfect ! 5* I LOVE IT! I wish you a award for this!


Very, very nice! I really like the mood you’ve set in your images.


extremly nice work!
Nice 70’s booklet style!
love it!
5 stars from me!


great rendering …
some of those could pass for a photo made in the 70’s


nice work… great render :cool:.
Like the effect produced in the post work, give great feel to the images.


HOLY S! This is the best car I have ever seen on here. Maybe ever in 3D. No crits. Love it!


Top notch work !


Wow you’re posting such great work lately here! I just had to reply…

Love your car! I’m working on a retro car at the moment so this gives me a lot of inspiration :thumbsup:


Wow, super rad! Now that’s how a car render should be accomplished. I think if I had this car, then my being single days might end. :slight_smile:


that’s hot
really really


Which filter is used in AE for the old film look Denis,please tell more about post work in AE
thanks in advance.


What a perfect presentation with so many details! Super car brochure manner of the era with best lighting, even the gloss does match the style! Congratulation! Should be definitely awarded!


Amazing job all around. Top notch work man.



awesome. your presentation really transports me back.