1969 Dodge Charger Transformer


I got curious about this car reminding me of the Dukes of Hazzard TV show so I did a little more googleing and found out the gen lee car is indeed the same model as this one.


Nice work so far! i really like this car. actually i wanted to ask you something. Do you have any blueprint of this car? if you have one, could you tell me where you got it or maybe you could even post it


the general lee was a 69 dodge charger, i remember looking it up some time ago on the net


The general Lee was indeed a 1969 charger just like this one.
The wheels a just temporary, my plan is to build a production car first, and then do some variants, drag racer, 4x4 general lee etc…

This is a wip, and i’m still modelling it at the moment, I plan to cut the shut lines in last of all when I’m sure the surfaces are fair and accurate.

-puts chrysler factboy hat on- Just so you know, like the charger, the Plymouth superbird was a ‘B-body’ mopar (cars made by chrysler}, there was also the dodge charger daytona, which shared the nosecone and wing of the superbird, and I think, was the first car to break 200mph…

this is all I could find, but it’s not very accurate, the best way is to join a charger owners club forum, post your work in progress renders, and those guys will instantly tell you if something is off, with pictures! it’s great.

I modelled a reflector and a lens with a bump map and used raytraced refraction, stick a glowing ball in there and the lights on and refraction through the lens.


Hey Im tryin to recreate that look… could you elaborate alittle?


Update. shutlines, and those vent things in the bonnet (which were nasty).

Render still wip :wip:


oh yeh blade dont drive a charger i think its a gto he has but i could be wrong there.

i love this model. this is my fav muscle car and your doing it justice


Looking good, are you going to create a scene for it? or just the car? Im looking forward to see it complete and with those gen lee textures.


Blade’s car is a charger, but a 1968, virtually the same as the 69, except for the split grill and different tail lights, XXX had a gto I think…


Good job on the car, but to me, it looks like the tires are flat. I think those old school tires were more round (the side wall of the tire) but don’t quote me on that :smiley:


hope this helps, er, apart from ‘oncandesence’ :blush:, and the lens has a bit of glow on it too.


oh well. all i know is that this car rocks and i cant wait too see you finish it

is there anyway you could add a body kit too it or vinals after you finish the proper car?


A vinyl roof sounds like a great idea, maybe even a convertable? I definatly do some add ons, but first I need to do the interior,
here are some more renders.


looks good, however in the last renderings, it appears you are missing a fog light.


I agree,
I prefere the previous renders ! :slight_smile:

anyway , yellow tint rocks !!

:applause: :applause: :applause:

5 stars for me


Excellent model there. I do liek that you are nto doing an Audi TT. I like those but they are done to death. I perfer the old muscle cars. I like the sort of pre muscle car ones like the 64 Barracuda before they got too big. (my taste tastes vary)


wrong here, t’was a 1969 dodge charger, here a remake:




An update here, it’s probably hard to tell but I have pulled the body about a bit to give it better proportions, had a go at a bling shader (orange) and started an interior.

Please, if you think any of this looks a bit wrong however small then let me know, as I havn’t got any kind of blueprints, and I’ve had to guess from photos.


Hey, bro nice charger. but, you forgot the chrome gas cap which is located on the top left side above the left-rear wheel. It’s one of the best things about the car!


Hey great work bud…nice to see something besides a 350Z concept or something like that being modeled :wink:

Especialy great attention to detail…the tires actually look like they are holding up a car…not floating like so many you see…ANyways I love chargers, my dad had one when I was young,so I’m kinda partial there…great works…