1969 Dodge Charger Transformer


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Looks good so far. Are you going to model the door hinges and mirrors?


Hey man

indeed looking good.
love the car, bu tcould you post some wires??



looking very good so far, you asked about the proportions, don’t you have referencepictures or why you ask… for me it is hard to say if they are not correct, I guess that means they are correct :wink:

yes send us some wire and keep us up to date with your progress


The reference I have is photos, I’ve no scale drawing of side, top etc, so I’ve I’ve had to guess.
Here’s a wire, got a bit of tidying to do, and I think the roof is a bit off. Thanks for your comments.


Hello again, here is a small update before I go and chop the model up with shut lines. Still have a few dings to knock out though… All comments welcome


hey that’s a very nice car, my only crit, totally personal, is put a more detailed pic in the reflection of your chrome, especially on the rims, but other than that it look cool so far…


Nice work…


hers’s a rear 3/4 test render.


Very nice black car. Very seventies :thumbsup:


Hi, thanks for your comments everyone, A llittle more work done on the front end, paint is still a bit ‘loud’, and I’ve yet to cut in the shut lines, which I’m not looking forward to…
I can’t decide whether this should end up as the general Lee or not, what do you guys think?:shrug:


Looking good, dude. My only crit is the writing on the wheels… it’s too crisp. Maybe blur it a little, or make the colour a little darker. Etiher way, it stands out a bit too much. Other than that, great model :))


Hi all, thanks for your comments, the writing on the tyres is temporary at the moment.
Redone front end , think it’s a bit closer now. What do you guys reckon??


Another view…


Nice, you will have to do one render with Dukes of Hazzard Gen. Lee textures :slight_smile: (is it the same car?) Proportions look good to me.



Back tires should be slightly bigger and wider (over the tracksurface). Otherwise the car looks like the average hotrod. By that I mean ofcourse very nice :slight_smile:
Everyone is doing slick n’ shiny cars these days, I think that making the car either extremely stylized or very used/rusty/scratched would show your skills better.
Keep it up.


I think this is off to a very nice start. Your topology is clean and I don’t see any dents, which seems to be the problem a lot of people have since dents show up very easily once you start applying paint shaders. I can’t comment on how correct your model is since I’m not a car buff, but the one thing that does stand out as odd is that you haven’t modeled any of the seams for the hood, trunk, and doors.

How did you create the refracted look for the headlights? I’ve always wondered how people do that. Is it just an elongated, checker-patterned index of refraction map?

Great work!

  • Dustin Brown


looks pretty nice, but I notice how is the driver going to get in the car? Unless it is one of those full fiber glass lift chasis funny cars. But it looks pretty sweet other than that.


I believe that the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee was a Super Bird. This is the same car that Blade drives.

This is a really good render of a charger!


Thats fantastic!
I like Dode Charger!