1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible, Pablo Aguilar (3D)


Title: 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible
Name: Pablo Aguilar
Country: España
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

I’ve been wanting to do this model for a while and here it is (finally!). My priority was to model it as highly detailed as I could and to nicely blend it with the real photo background, it’s up to you to say if I achieved it… :slight_smile:
The bg image is property of Thom Quine (flickr) and it’s used under a creative commons license. Thanks Thom!

More images:


nice looking car. photorealistic render. 5 *


quite nice Pablo ! :slight_smile:


It looks Great!!!

I’m not sure but looks like there might be something off with the lighting… I can’t put my finger on it… but it does not seems bright enough?? or the shadow is too dark?? does that make any sense??


Nice retro image. Compositing is really well done.


Really nice work!

Few of things you may want to consider:

1-Depth of field, everything seems to be in focus right now.

2-Bit of grime/dirt on car, specially because of the environment that its it. Think, how did it get there?

3-Car edges seem a bit sharp.

4-Shadows could use some blue fill from sky and maybe a touch softer?


love it.


Soon as a looked at it, that shadow screamed harsh! It needs to be softened.

Not as much of an issue, but the ground texture repeats quite a bit (most noticeable on the left hand side). Either make a bigger map, or just clone some stuff in photoshop.

Still kick ass work though!!


Awesome work.

I agree with what SirRender suggested. Either way I love it.



Hi guys, thanks a lot for all your comments and inputs, really appreciate that. I’ll take good note of all of it and maybe I’ll change those details when I’m done with the scene I’m working on now…



Good Car Model…but the final composition should really be worked on especially the depth of field…

Anyway keep it up…:thumbsup: Good job.


Its almost perfect except the shadow, soften it a bit and maybe have some small rock/stone on the ground to show some scale, it also helps to bring more realism into this image. Nice work again!


I agree. I’m thinking the foreground shadows don’t match the background. And the two mountain things have different lighting.

Lovely car though! :slight_smile:


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