1943 Ambulance


Its another model im working on for the Code Guardian movie, more info e trailers at :


Ciao, Ale


Wow ! beautifull, just like your other models !Love the details and the textures !!
One tiny litlle crit ( could be me though) : the “grating” at the front seem a litlle bit “thick”?
Great work anyway ! :love:
CHeers !


Great work. I have liked your other models very much, too. Would love to see a wireframe if you care to show it. Great work on your trailer, too.



this will look amazing when your done textureing!


Ok ,time for a little update… damn it`s so late here :eek: …i made one side :stuck_out_tongue:

and here`s a wire :

Ckaos@om i will think about the depth of the grid :slight_smile:


great texture…More on the roof and the trunk


will you fix the stretching?


another small update :

Ciao, Ale


Realy right done! Good style, well modeled… and the texturing is very realistic!


Great stuff!!:thumbsup: :buttrock:


Perchè non ci fai qualche ammaccatura qua e là? Solitamente questi veicoli percorrono strade sterrate e impervie e non si mettono certo a ripararli dal meccanico… :wink:


ThirdEye_01 : It`s an interesting idea to put dents and bruises, if i will have enough time (when all details will be finished) i will model them on bumpers and mudguards


Very Very NICE :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Just an idea, how about putting a crack in the glass of one of the windows


Whoaaa!! I’ve just checked the trailer! OMG >THAT< is going to be soooo awesome!
Did you do the water for that trailer with Realwave?

I’m one excited fan of your work!:wink: :thumbsup: :beer: :buttrock: :eek:


FeRdI : The Code Guardian project is not mine…i`m just giving a contribution (with other two artists) with some models.

The author is my friend and collegue Marco Spitoni , and this is his website :




Oh…i forgot…Code Guardian is made entirely in Max 4.2 .
Marco did the sea with DreamScape, a plugin by Sitni Sati :



Ah ok, well both of your works rules. :wink:
edit: Thanks for the info. The sea looks great. Do you know if he used a GI plugin or did he simulate it by himself?

Your Harbor Crane for Code Guardian looks great too!:thumbsup:


FeRdI : He used the new Light Tracer feature of Max 5 to simulate GI, some scenes have been rendered there…


Beautiful work once again :slight_smile: Ab


lookin good:thumbsup: a little note tho “ambulance” on the front of the car is usually spelled backwards so you can see it in your rearview mirror.