1943 Ambulance, A.baldasseroni (3D)


Hi, i completed the wip model located at :


It`s another model for the cg short movie “Code Guardian” by Marco Spitoni www.cee-gee.net , made in Max 4.2, scanline render.

Thanks to everybody in this board who supported me with precious suggestions.



yea thats the stuff. brilliant modelling and texturing job. realy. nothing to critique on that. lighting seems maybe slightly off but thats probably cos its not sitting in a scene. weathered look is there but any feel of shiny metal has completely gone. u no? anyway, model and texture a dead guy… on the roof of the car… bleeding… please… :buttrock:



I love the ammount of detail you have put in it.
Considering the corners should be more scraches and that the roof is barely touched.

I love it :thumbsup:


This surely looks nice. Very nice :slight_smile:


Solito gran bel lavorone! :thumbsup:


This is really great work, Eklettica! :thumbsup:
Especially the texture detail is goooood!!



Looks fantastic eklettica. Great job with the textures. Love specially the bullet holes :applause:


Looks fantastic! Lots of detail! :love: There’s only thing I would like to mention is that maybe the roof should look more weathered… also, the front looks a bit too clean… just my opinion, other’s opinion may differ :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: :beer:


Every single time you post one of your models from this project, my jaw drops, I can’t say a dang thing, it’s surreal, shear beauty bud :thumbsup:

check the frontpage…



Fantastic work! I really like the texturing. In my opinion texturing is the most difficult job. I suppose you’re using photoshop or something similar? Are you working with your mouse only or do you use a graph tablet?





Sorry but I couldn’t resist! :slight_smile:


:buttrock: :drumrock: :xtreme: :airguitar :twisted: this rocks


Fantastic job, very very nice piece of work! If I had to nitpick, the rust on the front bumper looks a little flat, and not random enough… but I’m just jealous!:drool: :slight_smile: :beer:


i’m just worried about one thing - how is the door supposed to get opend if the hinges are positioned in such an angle. Other than that, just perfect.


Awesome stuff, Your movie preview is also cool, I suppose this is going into that also, Man I have not patience for that kinda texture work…


It is very nice but the texture does not have the shininess of metal. And since no environment is reflected on it it is diffcult to judge.


The weathering on the paint job is not convincing
The paint peelings on the edges of the door don’t belong there…paint peelings and scratches should only be in protruding places of the vehicles body where it is most likely to come into contact with an abrasive object.
The wear on the edges of the bumper,mudguard and base of the door are most realistic
Cool work though!!


who;s been shooting at the ambulance? :shame:


Really like it man, loved that trailer on your site. Where did you get that music? :D!