193x Mg-p Series, Nikos (3D)


Here’s yet another car.
Modelled/Rendered with LightWave 7.5

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That’s a really nice looking car. The only thing i have to crit, and this is just being picky, is that the tyres should be a bit muddy if they have been down that dirty road, by the way how did you do the road or is it just a pic:shrug:

Excellent work:thumbsup:


Ah yes, that’s a good point.
I tried to make the tires dirty, but somehow the shadow made them dark again.:shrug:

Here’s a wireframe shot:

(cut and paste URL into new window as host doesn’t allow direct links)

The road is just a bunch of textures that I merged together in Photoshop.


Well spank my ass and call me charlie, i thought you’d composited the car onto an image. Hats off to you, once again very nice work:thumbsup:


Bravo Niko!!! Para poli ore-o…pos to kanes?? Giamoto…then boro na kano tipota san afto!!! po po po po

Bravo!!! :applause:


Ahh, come on, admit it, it’s a photo. :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s is sooo damn real looking, aside from the textures on the tires, there’s no way to tell it’s 3d.


Thanks greekdish! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I don’t speak a word Greek, although my name is very Greek for being Swedish. :wink:




love that wet look on the paint. nice textures


Holy Sheeit! That’s the most photoreal car scene I’ve seen (scene I’ve seen?) Amazing work. Without the wireframe, I’d have thought you were jerking our chains.

you seriously rock dude!:buttrock:


This looks so good, but so small :hmm: and your host says you’ve exceeded bandwith already :\ please send me a large pic tito@cgnetworks.com looks worthy for a plug and a gallery spot :wink:




Anyway, I have e-mailed you that hires picture.
Thank you so much for helping out.


damn, so …great.:drool: :cry: :drool: :cry:


Definite first rate work, one of the best vehicles I’ve seen pass through here, congrats :thumbsup: no crits! Proton is going to love this :wink:

I linked the image from the gallery, so you shouldn’t have bandwith issues.

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Omg, Wow! It made me do a low, muffled “wowwww” in awe, when I saw it on the front page :wink: PhotoReal!!! wowwe! wowwe! wowwe! :drool: :drool:

The mossy green rock towards the bottom-right seems to have edges too sharp against the road, though… but I only noticed that cuz everything else looked absolutely photoreal++!!

That’s the most realistic 3d car ever!!!
:drool: :bounce:


sweet jesus!

i figured the car was CG, i couldn’t tell to easely, but the environment was cg too? :cry:


First off, I love the render. By FAR the best CG car I’ve ever seen. And, I should point out that I was sure you just edited the render onto a photograph before I sw that wireframe. Seriously, great work. One thing I noticed - and I point this out for future reference - the weather looks somewhat overcast, and dull, yet the shine on the leather seats is too intense for the mood set by the environment. I dunno… just something I picked up after 5 minutes of staring and DROOLING. Insanely good job, man.



it’s amazing artwork man!

I’m not sure about one thing though. The seats are bouncing off light from a side, while the rest of the car is bouncing light coming from above. Is this lighting originally inspired by a reference photo? Also, the light on those seats is quite perfectly uniform in color and intensity, I mean, it looks kinda flat.
I just mention that, because it immediately called my attention, and maybe I’m not seeing things correctly, what do you think?




pretty good work

is it possible that the wheels edges (or so :rolleyes: ) are a bit too sharp?