18" Spiderman is a poser! (2D artists will love this)


This guy is awesome! Thanks for the heads up Kirt. I couldn’t believe how many joints he had when I opened it up. Every knuckle in every finger even. This is just too cool.


picked this up at the local grocery store for 30$ canadian ,…bwahaha its awesome…sitting on my desk now giving me the finger//


For all you people in the UK who want one, I’ve just orderd mine from Toys-R-Us at this link:


Only about £26 with PnP :slight_smile: Beat’s Amazon-UK’s price. :slight_smile:


Crikey he’s ugly! Bumpy as all out.


For Spidey, he’s incredibly stiff. Out of the package I was afraid to move his legs because there was so much resistance. A loud CRACK CRACK CRACK when it finally budged had me thinking, “Oh crap … I just broke it!”

Fortunately, it’s holding together remarkably well to my constantly readjusting his pose. One thing that I’ve found out is that he’s not really flexible enough for crouching poses. His stiff crotch keeps his legs from coming up far enough for a good Spidey stalking stance.

But for standing, sitting and kneeling poses it’s fuglin’ awesome! Well worth the money (if you don’t have to pay for shipping to another country … sorry, guys).

I hope they make other figures like this. At least a female character to keep him company. :smiley:


lol that is SOOO cool:scream:


…not that there’s anything wrong with that…


Just got my Spider Man from target last night. It was on sale for 18 and some change. This is so much better than Mr. Wood that only has about 16 points of articulation. Spidy kicked Mr. Woods @ss, now Spider Man is standing on my desk. Mr. Wood is no more.


Arghh i wonder whether i can get that figurine here, in Brunei. I want Spidey figure also. :smiley:


After reading this thread last night I decided to go out and buy one at my local toys-r-us.

I got it home, took like 20 minutes getting it out of the package, and then realized the legs were stuck, I wrenched on it for awhile trying to get them to go down, they wouldn’t, finally, by accident I snapped the ****ing leg off. So, I’m heading back to the toys-r-us tonight for an exchange, the goddamn thing is faulty.



My clever roommate used the holding wires as webbing and dangled his Spiderman from the ceiling. The “web” looks kinda like McFarlane’s style close-up.


Is he good enough to do some stop-motion work? If it is, I’ll see if I can do some animations for you guys… :wink:


Probably, but I think the stiffness in the hips, knees, elbows and shoulders is going to give you grief. It’s a two handed task of bending these joints while other joints (such as fingers, neck & toes) move with just the slightest touch.

If you’ve a lot of patience I think it’s do-able, but for me I think it would drive me insane.

Kwak & other new Spidey owners - Inspect the leg joints carefully before moving them. The ball joints at the hip are notched to rotate in one axis only but do pivot as well. If you try to rotate it in the wrong axis … well, you’ll have to exchange it. You can see this joint best by looking at the inside of the crotch area.

Eh … just make sure that if you’re doing this at work, noone is watching. Else, you’ll never hear the end of it. :smiley:


To Kirt: Thanks for the tip! Gotta get one of these now.


Re: Kirt.

I see! Well, next time I’m in London and pay a visit to a Forbidden Planet outlet - I will pick one up.

I simply can’t resist an opertunaty to perform some Stop-Motion…armatures & latex are extremely expensive… :thumbsup:


Yeah, I looked at it for a long while before finally snapping off the leg, after it broke off i tried move the peg attached to the ball around, and it wouldn’t budge, it seems the pivot is lodged in place. Really pissed me off last night.



thanks dude, I will stop by my local K-mart this weekend and get one of those.


If I had one, i would pose him bowing before me, because I’m that 1337


Ahh, brilliant! great tip!! :applause: :applause:
I’m gonna rush out to buy one NOW!


go to toys r us, they have em on clearance…