18" Spiderman is a poser! (2D artists will love this)


It looks as if there may finally be a half decent pose manquin available for 2D artists that doesn’t cost an arm or leg to purchase. The new Spiderman 18" action figure with 67 points of articulation is being snatched up by artists and they’re not being used for playtime.

Just today I picked mine up at Target for about $21 (that’s including tax) and I have to say I’m very impressed with the way this thing poses. It’s a very large figure and aside from the web costume, you would think that it was created with artists in mind.

Attached are a few pics by William Whitaker who first mentioned this on Conceptart.org


We have a couple of these at work. It’s fun to sneak into your buddy’s cube when he’s not around and put Spiderman into a… um… not-Spidey-like pose.


yes…we had a couple of these at school…my friends did some not so nice things with 18" Spidey and 18" hellboy.

Very cool toy.



I bought 2 of these a few weeks ago. They are great.


I really must own one of these. :bounce:


Cool! Your bendy neighbourhood spiderman :smiley:


Where can I get one of these outside of the states? Might have to check the local comic store down here and hassle em to get me one.

Am I right, can you bend all the fingers and toes? Thats so kewl.:thumbsup:

Do they come as any other character besides spiderman and hellboy?


Yes the fingers and toes bend. This figure is made by Toy Biz and it’s retailers (listed on the website) are:

KayBee Toy & Hobby
Toys R Us
Zany Brainy

You can probably find this online somewhere.


I have to get one of these today. I’m out’a’ here. :bounce:


Ordering mine off Amazon :bounce:


I know one day it will be very usefull … but for now I have a cool spidey toy :thumbsup:

edit: arg! Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S
[size=2] going to have to wait on this one :sad: [/size]


I need to get a couple of these over in the UK. Does anybody know where I can get them online?
Amazon over here doesn’t stock them and .com won’t ship them over here.



Found it on Amazon UK. Cost me 52 of your US dollars tho! :smiley:



Thankz for the tip. Just pulled my officemate and rushed to the nearest Toys R Us (we priced checked vs. Wallmart, so we got Wallmart’s price)

It’s freaking massive! :eek:

My officemate now want’s a Venom version. :slight_smile:


Yea he is a pretty big. Spidey in repose.


I got one too…

the second I turned my back, my Dad posed him giving the finger:D


Holy CRAP! :bounce:


does it get loose after posing a couple of times?


Mine hasn’t. In fact he is a little stiff to pose. The nice thing is that when you get him into the pose you want he holds the pose well even in standing positions and weight bearing positions.


it happens here too…not to mention stop motion lego characters…


I was going to get another one and paint it all “secret wars spidey”…