16 hours of burning the midnight oil


well…this piece was a lot of fun to do. I received a request on Tuesday of this week (15 jan) to do a poster for this conference next month and didn’t get around to it until last night @ 9pm…and this is where I ended up.

Let me know what you think of it. It’s 3D and some light Photoshop tweaking…color correction and blurring and laying out of type.

It was murder to tweak in Photoshop since it was a 3300x5400 pixel piece to be printed @ 11x17 inches.

man…print can really suck sometimes!

cheers…i need some sleep.




impresive poster, I hope u slept well:D


I love your poster. What a great design. Is it your concept or were you supplied with a thumbnail to work from? Either way, I love it! And the quality of the model and retouching seems top notch.


thanks fellas…sleep was most satisfying.

and as far as the poster…it is 100% policarpo…concept to execution.

i sold them on the idea and they let me run with it.

thanks again.


Very cool…what program did u use to make those tentacles ? :slight_smile:



the model of the cell body and dendrites was modeled and rendered in Lightwave. I rendered it out @ 3400x5400 and saved it out a .TGA file with an Alpha channel.

i then opened it in Photoshop and proceeded to color correct it and add my gaussian blur effects. I built up the image by stacking layers of duplicates set to Soft Light and Overlay modes.

hope that answers your question.



Good work!!


i liked very much !

good colors, good layout, good modelling. it sells the idea well.

100 %




thanks everyone…

i’ve also posted a clean version (no text) of the image @ my site…just look under the Jan 18, portion of the Journal, and scroll to the bottom.




Your website has a lot of great art. I enjoyed going through your pics… and was inspired by many of them.


glad you got something from the site minus.

i’m having a lot of fun doing it.



Nice work and a good looking web site. Do you use any other 3d packages other than LightWave? I’d like to talk to you about posting some of your work in the gallery on the LightWave3d.com web site. Email me at: jason@newtek.com



nice colors, nice poster. 3300x5400 it’s just A3 format :stuck_out_tongue: What about A2 or A1 posters? :smiley:


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