16-bit gradient "BANDS"


When I’m saving a gradient in Photoshop at 16-bit, it bands, is there any way to avoid that?


bands where? on the screen or in print?



On screen, it’s part of graphics for a game; (and that specific application supports only 16-bit)


k, are you seeing the banding in photoshop or this other program?



Both in photoshop and on the game screen


assuming your talking 16bit (32000 colours) for the whole file rather than 16 bit per channel (over 1 billion colours) (which i assume is what everyone else is thinking…hence the bewildered replies)

banding is part of that because your using a reduced colour palette…try adding noise which will help…blur certainly wont.

or use a method that introduces dither into your gradient (this can be switched on in PS)


Well, I’ve certainly been called a lot - but bewildered is a new one… =o)



apologies , i thought there were more people replying…the thread seemed a tad confused on a skip read…oops.


Got Paint Shop Pro?

I am making a game for the Gizmondo, and that has a 16 bit screen. I had the same issue. Needed to have the background with a nice smooth blue to white gradient. To get around it, I went into Paint Shop Pro, dropped the image to 65000 colors (the equiv of 16 bit… 32000 is 15bit I am sure). Then after it had dropped to 65000, I then dropped to 256 using Optimised Octree mode. Then I imported to to the game and it looked absolutely perfect.

Simple :smiley:


try adding a very light noise, possibly in a new layer in overlay-mode


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