150fps down to 25fps?


Is there a way in DFX+ to resample an animation rendered at 150fps down to i.e. 25fps, so that always 6 frames are sampled together to get 1 frame with motion blur? Sorry for my bad english explaination, but I hope you understand what I’m asking for :slight_smile:



You need to use the timespeed tool, or time stretcher, and set the sample spread. This will blend numerous frames together to get a psudo motion blur effect.


Hi Jason,

thanks for your reply. I’ve tried to use the stretcher and speed tools, but the sample spread doesn’t seem to give the desiered results. In the example descriped in my previous post, there should be a blending of exactly 6 frames together to get some kind of scene motion blur. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ll give it a try again, thanks.



Hmm… I’d have to check the manual to see if the sample spread is a bell curve or linear.

What might be a second possibility is to set up an IFL of 6 sequences and then just merge them together. Might be faster than farting around with time stretch/speed tools.

so IFL 1 would contain:


IFL 2 would contain:


I think you get the idea…

Then just blend each of the images in at 1/6th the opacity to get what you want.


To me it dosn’t seem possible, A camera shooting 150 fps would have to move pretty fast before it starts to show motion blurr. I don’t know…I’ll keep a close eye on this posting, maybe i’ll learn something on what i can imagine as creating Motion Blurr from scratch for Video.


Just a few crazy ideas.

If your willing to do the amount of work, You can render out the video as Targa files then run each one in photoshop one at a time, then increase and decrease the correct amount of the motion blurr filter at the desired timelines.

Or maybe Combustion can do it. and have it render alot quicker than you doing it manually.


Thanks for all the ideas. I think it’s not worth to render out at 150fps if there’s no quick and easy way in DFX+ to blend the images (I thought of merging 6 sequences together, too, thanks Jason). Best will be to use a plugin like ReVision’s Motion Blur (which is great btw) to add and tweak the motion blur in post.

The reason why I asked this question is, the short Pump Action (Cinema4D) was rendered once at 150fps without MB and resampled to 25fps (PAL) and 30fps (NTSC) with MB (in AFX afaik). So I thought I have to give this technique a try in DFX+. But a MB plugin seems to be the best solution.

Thanks again.



Does DFX’s timestretch tool allow you to ramp up/down, etc. as the current popular effect in all the commercials? I’ve really only heard about Twixtor allowing you to get the smooth frames but it’d be nice to know another method exists out there.



It is possible in DFX+ with the time stretcher. However this tool does not create new frames like twixtor does. It’ll just blend between frames.

I have a really old tutorial on how to do this on my never updated website, but here’s the link if you’re interested.



I don’t think ReelSmart Twixtor and MotionBlur are at their latest version with DF but I would definitely give them a try as they are most of the time a lot better than built-in tools; can’t say for the time stretcher and blur in DF so far though. :slight_smile:



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