13sec Animation Sequence : Light Settings / Camera


this days i’m working hard for my second animation (movie-trailer) project called “The Golem”, i’ve rendered overnight a short sequence in staircase. You see only shadow by a man is coming out his apartment.
Shadow’s movement aren’t bad but too nervous, i will change it.
I’m not sure in light and camera settings. How do you think about it ?
Would be great to get feedback. Thanks.

Short Animation Sequence 13sec 384kb



Looks great. I can’t say I’d change anything.

Carry on.



Hi Grin,on the second part of the clip where you show the railing and the wall, I see a little bit of a problem with the shadows and strips of light when the door is opened and the guy is clearly standing in the way of the light. You can still see the horizontal light strips apearing in front of the guy’s shadow which is a little odd.
Hope this helps.


It looks good, I can only think of a couple things.

The first shot where the camera is still, then suddenly starts moving toward the stairway I found somewhat jarring. Perhaps play with the fcurve of the camera’s animation so that when it starts moving, it does it smoothly, much like how a real movie camera would start panning smoothly.

Also, in the second shot it looked very much like the man was just shifting back and forth very stiffly, like you just translated him left and right. A real person shaking would have weight shift, etc in their movements, and mostly in the upper body, but perhaps you were going for that.



Thanks GM for comment.

Would be wonderful to get more critique here, thanks. (?)


Thanks @ Holbroal & Depsch for Feedback. It helps to get better result for this sequence. I’ll try it out and post new rendered movie soon.


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